Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sometimes Evil Intrudes

I have a political blog, where I can separately from here sort out my thoughts and opine on current events - such as the horrific shootings today on the campus of Virginia Tech. 31 murdered. Awful. I've recorded my initial thoughts over there.

All I'll say here is that, of all of the news and opinion that I read all day, one of the best observations came in this excellent article called "You're dead, I'm healing", from a favorite columnist of mine, Dennis Prager. Synopsis: let's not rush past grief and anger - natural reactions to evil - to get to "healing". It's obscene and narcissistic. Be angry over the evil visited on that campus. Grieve for the victims and their families. That seems like wise advice to me.

Prayers, for the dead and wounded and their families and friends.
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