Friday, April 13, 2007

Getting Christy Off

I couldn't help it.

I was compelled, after listening week after week, to resubmit pictures to the Dick-of-the-Day contest on the Night Calls program on Playboy Radio. Hosted by porn queens Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn on Sirius radio.

I know I always get a good reaction from the pics that I post on here from you - dear readers, and I always appreciate that. Each one of those reactions from you is very sexy for me.

You have to understand, though, how incredible it is for me to hear Ginger and Christy talk about my pics on national radio. Just know that in my formative porn years in the 1980's Ginger and Christy were superstars to me. (Still are, in their radio program.) Their performances are locked into my brain. Years later, many porn starlets viewed later, they are still the pinnacle of sexiness to me.

So, I sent in my dick pictures for them to judge. It was a tough night, Dirty Marie said, with lots of quality submissions.

And I won!

I was dick number one out of ten on tonight's program. I was up right out of the box at the top of the hour. I had submitted seven or eight pics, and I got to hear Christy and Ginger review them. Very sexy! Of course, from listening often, I knew what kind of pictures they like: shaven balls for Christy and blue jeans for Ginger. And I guessed right. They loved the pics. Raved about them in those soft sexy voices. Wow.

I wish I had a tape of them viewing the pics. It was hot. Both of them said they would fuck me. Both of them said they would blow me. I got a 10 from each. I think I even heard Ginger throw in a 20.

You can see the set I submitted at:
album = Playboy Radio Set
password = scm

The best part came around the end of the hour. Ginger took over the show to take callers. Christy, apparently, took off her pants in studio and laid down a towel and prepared to get off. She said she was dying to get off "ever since I saw Dick # 1" And get off she did - very vocally - in the background of the show. Breathing loud, screaming. I grabbed the phone and called in to the show, and got on with Ginger. While Christy was getting off in the background to my pics.

Getting Christy Canyon off with my dick photos is definitely closure for me. They got me off enough times!

Awesome experience.

I think they rebroadcast it on Sunday night, if you want to hear it all. It will be in the last hour - 9pm Eastern Time.
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