Monday, April 02, 2007


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I'm glad you guys liked my little April Fool's Day joke there on Sunday. That was a painful shot, tucking the boys back like that! I don't know how transexuals do that tuck all the time.

The good news is my cock is back. Alive, well, and frequently abused. Speaking of self-abuse....

I observed recently that my johnson was starting to look a little leathery to me - I was feeling old that day. I wondered aloud if I should moisturize. That got me to thinking, hmmmm. There are usually small tubes of "body lotion" in my hotel rooms. I never ever use them, but I could.


Keep in mind that I never ever use lotion when I jerk off. Not sure why. Just the habit I developed. I guess we all have our styles that we learned by trial and error growing up. I just never have liked lotion. It feels good at first, but results in a lousy, almost non-feeling, ejaculation. You may have noticed that in all my masturbation photo sets my erection is completely dry - until the knuckle juice appears!


Okay, I had to try again. And take pictures, of course, for your voyeuristic pleasure. Go see the NSFW pics:
album = moisturizing
password = scm

I'm staying with no lotion, personally. So, how do you folks wank off? Lotion or no lotion?
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