Friday, March 16, 2007


Ahhhhhh, it's the weekend. About time. I really need one this time.

It was an odd week. Good week at work, bad week off- duty - including:

- locking myself out of my abode

- a traffic ticket. Crap!

- more weird dreams. Vivid, powerful, distressing dreams. One where I had a long conversation with a guy who was a cross between James Lipton of the "Actor's Studio" and the "architect" at the end of Matrix 3. Can't remember the topic. Another where I bought a great new Jeep and then promptly drove it over a guardrail into a creek where it was completely submerged. I climbed up the bank to a bridge and spent the rest of the dream looking down at it trying to figure out how to get the vehicle out of the creek. Another one where I bought a house from a famous actor, but it was in the worst part of my small hometown. Weird. Where did all my sex dreams go.

I did get to watch a college girl's softball team loading their gear onto a bus though. That was a highlight. All fit young tanned lasses. Nice. Best part? All with pony tails! Yeow! That's all it took to make my week.

I'm headed home, where I'm planning on a focused weekend of paying attention to my family. Sprucing up the house. Quality time. Etc. Behaving, in other words. Should be a good time.

Have a great weekend!
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