Saturday, November 26, 2016

Still Exploring the Semi-Celibate Life

Hi fellow kinksters.

The Semi-Celibate Man is still around, in different guises, living life.

I've had a quite a journey since I last posted here, exploring who I am in a sexless marriage.

I've explored learning that I am bisexual, with sexy hookups with hot men on the road.

I've explored cross-dressing as I've matured and my testosterone has dropped and I've become completely impotent. I can be quite feminine as Valerie.

I am now exploring all of that, plus a Mistress/submissive pet relationship with a FWB woman that I met on Craigslist. We are compatible, Mistress and I, though in committed relationships with others.

I'm not dead yet, so I am a sexual being still. Just in different forms as life goes on.

I hope everyone is well, and living a fulfilling and sexual life.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving to Tumblr

Hi. I have many more stories to tell you sexy people, but not here any longer I think.

I'd like to share more explicit photos of myself and my life as a bisexual traveler. I am thinking Tumblr is a suitable place for the X-rated personal photos, so I have started a Tumblr page. I should have done that years ago.

Thank you for reading my stories here as the Semi-Celibate Man. I enjoyed the Blogger community of sexy virtual friends. You are terrific.

If you want to follow me there I have set up a page called "Bi-Traveler" at

I don't know how much life I have left to live. I certainly don't know how much sex I have in my future. I love women. I am comfortable with men. I would love another experience with a couple. Given that diabetes has caught up with me in rendering me essentially impotent, my options are limited. I think that I am bi-oral from here out. Whatever experiences I have in the future, I'll share them on the Tumblr page. I'll see you there.

Although, I could tell my stories in both places? What do you think?
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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Nothing to report of late.

Just living life. Bummed that my sex life appears to be mostly over. Too soon....
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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

An Unexpected Cuckolding

I read about the fetish of cuckolding online often. Mostly to see porn about "hotwives", not necessarily because of the dynamic between the hotwive and her cuckolded husband. I don't give it any thought that I could end up in a cuckold dynamic, certainly not as the bull.


I met a couple this week. Both much shorter than me. The wife is attractive and dynamic and a spitfire. The husband was mousy and quiet and in the background.

We were having a discussion, the three of us, platonically having nothing to do with sex. About the furthest thing from sex. Really.

Suddenly, she turned the discussion on her husband and berated him in front of me in a withering manner. Even more suddenly, she complimented me with an endearment that made me blush. Wow.

In that fleeting moment, I wanted nothing more than to bed her and have my way with her in front of her husband. It was an overpowering desire.

I may never see that couple again. I will certainly think about, and be aroused by, that moment for quite a while.


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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Clothed Male, Nude Female

So, just over 24 hours ago I was on the road with an adorably sexy free-spirited lady half my age in my bed. Multiple orgasms were had, not by me, and that was my plan.

How in the world did that happen?

I knew for a month that I would need to be out of town for one Friday night. As I booked the hotel, my imagination began working. A hunger grew. I miss intimacy. I need closeness. I wanted company. And, as circumstances would have it, I needed the stress relief of an intimate encounter.

It didn't happen by chance, but by working Craigslist hard. I started two weeks from that night, and eventually put in 5 different ads. 1 for couples who might want a third. Two for w4m. Two for men on the down low. All had the same theme: I'm offering oral pleasure for you and (because of the lack of hydrualic function at the moment) nothing for me. Come, cum, and go.

The couples ad was a dry well, as I expected it would be. The first ad for women drew the usual number of bots and escorts asking me to go to a profile to signup, etc. Not going to happen. Three days before the night I drew inspiration from the picture above that I had seen surfing the internet, and put this ad on CL:

Clothed Male, Nude Female

This Friday night only - I am looking to spend time with an attractive lady wants something like what is in these pictures for an hour or so in my hotel room.

I am reasonably attractive and very clean and discreet. I can get you off, more than once. Come enjoy this. I need nothing in return.

Speak up, tell me you want this. I know you deserve this.

More bots and escorts. And then this intriguing reply with a picture attached of two pretty girls:

I am an attractive 24 white female who would love to be sexually pleased. I could meet you in your hotel room tomorrow (Friday) afternoon/night. I am the one on the right in the white. Let me know so we can make this happen!

Can this be real? Not likely, but I responded and she replied again with what looked like real responses. "What would you like me to wear? Although it doesn't matter because I'm just going to take my clothes off and jump in bed".

Which is exactly what she did. At the appointed time, the self-same lovely young lady from the picture knocked on the door to my king-suite and said hi. I greeted her in navy slacks and a nice dress shirt. After the briefest of small talk, "E" stripped naked and laid right down on my bed. I honored my ad and kept my clothes on. Hot so far.

"Well, aren't you lovely", I offered as I made myself acquainted with her delightful young body and soft delicious skin. I carressed her full breasts, kissed my way down her downy stomach, and soon knelt at the edge of the bed between her spread thighs. E stared at the ceiling waiting to be pleased, and pleasing was my intention.

How long do you have to spend, I asked. One hour. And there was no lack of contact for that full hour. It was on.

Starting slowly, casually licking her delightful pink slit, I began learning her body and her responses. We only had an hour and I needed to be a quick study. I teased the entrance of her delightful pussy, where most of the nerve endings are, for a bit. Flat tongue here. Fingertips slightly in. Circling tongue there. "Which feels best", I asked. "All of it", she whispered - starting to look lost. "Stay on my clit".

Her clit was there, but deep. Buried under delightful tasty flesh. Accepting of great pressure. The more pressure the better it seemed. Hard with my tongue. Circling pressure with my fingers and thumb. More. More pressure the better. She likes it rough!

Fingers inserted. One. Two. Stroking. Curled up in a come hither, finding the special texture of the G-spot. Oh, there we go. Ah, so that's what her orgasm feels like on my fingers. Now I know.

Her eyes closed. My eyes open, enjoying the absolutely delightful sight of this beautiful young woman naked on my bed. Feeling her beauty. Cupping and squeezing each full breast. Stroking her sides and ribs and sexy thighs. Pulling her hips to bury my face fully in her warm wet cunt. More!

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh, fuck me", she moaned - lost in the continuous feel. Fuck her I did, aggressively with three fingers plunging in and out of her for the better part of the last half hour. On her back. Flipped over on all fours as I licked her firm full ass cheeks. Reaching under to cup her breasts as I fucked her. Gathering her back-length hair in my left and and pulling as I fucked her tenaciously with my right hand - to the point of cramping.

Switching, I laid on my back. "thank you", she said - thinking I was done. Oh, no. "Sit on my face. Grind that beautiful pussy on my lips." I cupped her ass and helped E ride my face, grinding hard on that deep clit as fingers thrust up and into her again.

One hour. Working up a sweat as a clothed male. Sexually pleasing her. E lost in lust for a full hour.

And then, up and dressed and gone. Wow.

She was real. My offer was real. The experience in my hotel room was very real and very hot and beyond my wildest dreams for a CL encounter at this stage of my life. Wow.

I emailed here once more with two questions: Did the "clothed male" part of my ad have any bearing on her accepting my offer? And were those orgasms, or did she just feel good for that time? Answers: It didn't make any difference. She would have been fine if I undressed, she said. And multiple orgasms, and it felt good. She said "Thanks again". Awesome.

She was so young, so pretty, so sexy. And the fact that she answered an ad and came and got what she wanted is sexy as hell.

I doubt that will ever happen again in my life. But we made it happen, together. I will remember you, baby. Thank you.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Visual Man

I watch a fair amount of porn videos. I do.

I say watch, because I usually have the sound muted. Let's just call it expediency.

Here's one of my favorite free ones lately. Enjoy.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Miss Sex

Sure, when I started this blog back when I was having very little sex. Thus the title.

I miss having very little sex. That's better than having no sex.

I had no idea that my sex life would be essentially over at my age.

Does it have to be? I have skills in the bedroom that are going to waste...
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Friday, June 01, 2012

Hanging in There

I'm alive. Having no sex. Traveling again, so who knows what stories for are in my future...
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Walking Horny Through CraigsList - Explicit!

Honestly, I am horny as fuck tonight.

At times, when that happens, I take a walk through Craigs List and fantasize.

Pick a city - Las Vegas often works.

Pull up the Casual Encounters section.

Walk through all of the kinky variations and stew in the sexy photos in the ads. Wow. What I would do with these sexy people! I have quite a collection of pics, all found on Craigs List to inspire my horniest thoughts.

Women for Women (W4W) starts out the voyeur in me. Ladies enjoy each other and I'll just watch:

Men for Men (M4M) has me bisexually engaged. Who do I want to take into my mouth, or bend over for.

W4M: Ladies, come find me. I'm worth it. Lick that pussy. Pull that hair. Spank that ass. Take that ass!

MW4M: Couples! Looking for me! I'm in that mix. Especially if she has a strap-on for me too.

MW4W and MW4MW: Ah, I'm back to voyeur enjoying some sexy couples at play.

T4M: !!! Lady boys! Can I take you out for a date? What is under that sexy skirt?

Ah, but it's only fantasy. Kinky naughty fun fantasy.

Some of these fantasies, these images, are very familiar to me and get me there every time. for example, these two:

I want to possess a young lady like in this pic: Her hands pinned, hair pulled, filled.

And I want to be taken again, like in this sexy image.

In the end, it's just me and my private time.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Waking up in a Hotel. Again.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Praise of the Sundress

I had my first sundress sighting last week. It usually stops my breath when that happens. Oh, do I find a sundress sexy.

So, I'm sitting in church. Not that I am noticing attractive women in the congregation or anything, because I wouldn't do that.

There's one sexy twenty-something sister in front of me to my left. Where is the other sexy sister? They always sit together. She must not have made it tod....

Oh wait. There she is. Last minute. Sliding into the pew.

In a sundress. Light and bouncy. All of that tan shoulder and those long tan legs.

And then she sat down. In a pew. In a sundress.

And here's the strange thing about that. The back of the pew hit right above the back of the sundress, and I couldn't see any of the sundress at all. And she crossed her bare calf out into the aisle. So all I could see of her from my angle was her long gorgeous hair, her tan bare shoulders down to just below her should blades, and her bare legs sticking out in the aisle. I could not, from my vantage point, see a stitch of clothing. Just skin.

I'm sure the pastor said something interesting. Didn't hear it. My mind was too loud. My mind was saying over and over again:

"There's a sexy naked girl in the church! There's a sexy naked girl in the church! There's a sexy naked girl in the church!"

Sexy optical illusion. Not a particularly useful place for that to happen.

I swear, after 45 minutes I had to avert my eyes...
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Avert Your Eyes

So, I'm shopping at a local hardware store with a penchant for having attractive young ladies on the registers.

As I walk in the door I see a tall young thing facing away from me at the closest register. Yeow! Long sexy hair. Trim. I make a note to go to that register to check out.

So, I hunt what I'm looking for and bag it in 5 minutes and head to that register, the express lane.

Now she's facing away from me the other way, and I can see her full length. Yeow! Long blond hair, yes. And that is the sexiest derriere that I have ever seen in denim jeans on a human female I think in my lifetime. Heart stoppingly sexy.

And she turns around.

Damn. I know her. It's a friend of mine's 18 year old daughter. I didn't know she worked there.

Washing my eyes out with soap...
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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Contact, the Sequel

Two contacts this week:

I had a physical exam this week. Prostate exam included. The old finger wave. It wasn't awful. In fact, I liked it and could have gone for a little more of that.

Oh, and I had sex with my wife. It's been a while.
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Thursday, March 01, 2012


I had my hard cock in the warm wet willing mouth of a handsome young man tonight.


I ran my fingers through his closely cropped hair. I cupped my hand on the back of his strong neck as I stroked firmly into his sucking mouth. I took him that way, rocking into his willing embrace.

But I get ahead of myself. I left out the part where he came in my mouth, flooding it with salty warmness.

A greeted me at the back door to his house in his underwear. It has been a while, but we had a chance to get together for our shared activity - me blowing him. This is what my sex life has become, and I'm mostly fine with that. Life is stressful, this is cathartic. It's what I crave, and I'll take it when I can get it.

I changed it up a bit today. Instead of stripping and kneeling between his thighs as he reclines on the couch, I sat down instead. "Let's try with you standing up this time." I wanted it a little more agressive today. I wanted to be manhandled a bit. Instead of me sucking him slowly and deeply as he prefers, I wanted him to fuck my mouth. Stand over me. Saw into me. Forcefully, even.

His skin felt wonderful under my probing hands. He is a gorgeous man. Fit. Young. Tan. Muscular. I wanted to feel him as I sucked him. And I did, exploring his thighs and his chest with both hands as I brought him to hardness and full 7" length with my ministrations. Taking my time, I explored the delight of his body. I gripped his ass cheeks with both hands as he stood over me and pulled him deeply into my mouth...and held him there...and held him be rewarded with his groans. Deeper than I thought I could take him, in that position. Full. Taken, but taking too.

I ran my hands over the back of his calfs and up to his strong thighs. I moved up to his strong back and pulled him into me in a strong hug as I took him all the way deeply into my throat, and held him there...and held him there...intimate and full. Taken, and taking.

His hands were loose at his side as he stood over me. I took his hands and put them on my head. Better. Now he gripped my head and thrust into my mouth. Fully taken and stuffed as he sawed into me. My breath cut off. Then sliding up an down his rock hard cock, wet with my spit, which fell off onto my slacks.

Cumming came next, triggered by my fingers exploring the crack of his ass from underneath and pressing on his anus. That did the trick, as he pulled me tight up on his dick all the way to his soft furry balls and he flooded the back of my throat with warmth. Wow. Delicious.

Decision time. Should I go? I needed to, but wanted to play more.

He was standing as I disrobed, and I walked up to him and hugged him. There hadn't been much intimacy before this - just me servicing him and then going. Did he want that? I wasn't sure. But I knew as I embraced him standing that he did. I nuzzled his neck with my lips as I wrapped myself into him. I rubbed my cheek against his beard stubble and sighed. Nice. I was standing naked hugging another man and enjoying it immensely. I wanted to kiss him. I've never kissed a man, and in that moment with this gorgeous man, I wanted to. Would he have let me kissed him? I don't know. The moment passed.

He sat back down on the couch and pulled me to him and began stroking my hardening cock. The cialis I took the day before was having some positive effect. Not rock hard, but not limp either. Firm, and at length with some blood in the head. Throbbing. Hot.

I did not expect him to take me into his mouth. In these several encounters it seemed to be one way, and I was okay with that. But, when took me into my mouth I froze. It's been a while to feel that enveloping sensation. Wow. It was reveresed now. I was standing and he was taking me in and feeling me with his hands. Exploring my thigh and my ass with one hand, as he stroked me into his mouth with the other.

I had no expectation of getting off. I just want to enjoy this feeling. I looked down the length of my chest and belly and watched his mouth taking in my cock. I felt good. I felt trim and buff as I've been for a man five decades into life. I'm not handsome in his league, but I felt adequate as his partner. And in this act I was his partner. I didn't stand passively, but took control of the act. One hand on the back of his neck, the other gripping the base of my cock - taking his mouth. Switch.

I called a halt eventually. Thanked him for doing that for me.

I pushed him laid out on his back on the couch and took him back into my mouth for 15 minutes of sucking on his soft shaft. Nibbling. Licking. full in sucking. I had an agenda for coaxing another erection out of him, and I asked him for it.

"Any interest in taking my ass?"

"I could do that for you."

"I would like that. It's been years."

I wanted that badly. I wanted to be fully manhandled. I needed that as stress relief, for him to bend me over and fuck me up the backside with his full weight pressing onto me. I've fantasized about that for a while now.

But, another erection was not to be had.

The ice on that topic has been broken though. I need to make that happen. I crave to make that happen.

Next time.
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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Superbowl Fantasy

Is my sex life mostly over? Please say it isn't. I'm afraid it might be for the most part.

That leaves me with fantasy, which I excel at.

I've been thinking a lot about threesomes. I enjoyed the threesome that I got to experience immensely. I re-live it often in my mind.

Today I was thinking about a Super Bowl threesome. How awesome would it be to have found a sexy young couple (younger than me) and have spent the Super Bowl with them...

In envision spending the first half with her in the bedroom while he's watching the game. Lots of fingers and tongue and pleasing her, which I am good at and enjoy immensely. No pressure of penetration. Just licking and sucking and fingering. Sit on my face for the whole 2nd quarter.

Halftime she settles into a chair with a vibrator and gets off watching me give him a long slow blowjob while he's watching Madonna. Keeping him on edge for a half hour and then a big finish while she gets off.

Then back into the bedroom with her for the 2nd half. Maybe some long deep fucking if the Cialis is working. Until she's orgasmed out and a wrung out mess.

Oh, yes. That's a hot one. I'll have to try to make that happen some day.
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Monday, January 09, 2012

Dead in the Water!

Laptop has a virus again. Damn!

Back soon.
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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Changing Comments

I've had Haloscan as a comment service since 2003, before Blogger had comments. But,

- Haloscan isn't Haloscan anymore. It's something....less

- I tried to comment on my own blog twice this week and had an extremely hard time. I gave up. I wonder how many others gave up and how many comments I missed? I'll never know.


Haloscan off.

Blogger comments on.

Please leave me a comment, friends. Say hi to a horny Semi-Celibate Man...
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Final HNT: Red Shirt series

So, here we are at the last and final Half-Nekkid Thursday (HNT) event, hosted by the leader of our exhibitionist community - Osbasso. It's been a privilege to participate these years, as it was to be a Mystery Guest one time!

My final HNT is a series. The Red Shirt series. Forget the click thrus. I'm just letting it all hang out. Enjoy!

And the finale!

Ah, spent...

Please, my fellow naughty bloggers, stop back in and see me from time to time.

Now, click on the red button below and go see our Half-Nekkid Thursday host: Osbasso

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Escaping Christmas

I'm escaping Christmas this year. No extended family stuff. Taking my kids on a road trip to a memorable adventure instead. Yay.

I invited my lovely wife along. That would be a "no".

My gift to her is peace and quiet.

Merry Christmas all.
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Alone in the Dark

I saw "New Years Eve" last night. A thoroughly charming romantic comedy. By myself. Sucks.

Jealous of the couples in the theater.

I can make you laugh. I can get you off. I am a good kisser.

I miss being intimate with a lovely lady.

Oh well. Happy Holidays all.
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Missing Romance

I have known romantic love in my life, for lengthy periods in fact. I like it. I miss it.

Is it my fate for romantic love to be absent from the rest of my life? I hope not.

I miss kissing most of all. I love kissing.

I have experience and skills and talents in the ways of love that are going unused.

I have needs that are going unfulfilled.

I have not lost hope.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2nd-to-Last HNT: Three Christmas Wishes Theme

What an energizing privilege it has been to be an HNT participant these last years! I have virtually "met" many terrific and courageous bloggers through this ritual, and my life is enriched because of it.

With that in mind, and being of a rebellious nature, I have decided on a twist to the amazing Osbasso's theme for this Half-Nekkid Thursday (on a Wednesday, no less).

Instead of one Christmas wish each to three individual HNT'ers as specified in the theme...

My particular twist is: Three Christmas Wishes out to each and all of my fellow HNT'ers that I have met here through HNT. List at the end.

But first, Three Christmas Wishes to each of you:

1. I wish you Fruitful and Cathartic blogging for many years to come.


You are truly a creative and passionate group of people. Much more so than most of the people who know you in real life know. You have unique passions, and unique voices. You are creative and courageous risk-takers, and I admire each and every one of you for it. May you find or keep your voice through this magic of the internet. Live a bigger life. Be whole. Express yourself.

2. I wish you deeply fulfilling Romantic Love.


We are made for love. I wish you partnership, however you find it, and fulfillment and deeply passionate kisses.

3. I wish you a deeply satisfying and orgasmic Sex Life.


However consensual sex comes your way. Have more of it. Life is short. Get off. Be happy. I wish you passion, and intimacy, and messy bodily fluids.

These Three Christmas Wishes go out to each of you that I've met through HNT. I know that I am missing some or many names here, and if you don't see yours leave me a comment and claim the wishes too!

Osbasso - of course!
Blue Eyed Vixen
Midwestern City Boy / California Girl
Joanna Cake
Tara Tainton
Double Dos
Randi Rabbit
Cheeky Minx
Lee Ann
Lady Grinning Soul
Sexy Sadie
Gucci Mama
Kazi Girl
Pocket Rockettz
Jack and Jill
Minority Report
Saucy Wildcat
Lusting Lola
A Daft Scot Lass
Al Sensu
Curvaceous Dee
K Bare
Marie – who I regretfully have lost track of…

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, my friends. See you next week for the final HNT!

(Note: Click thrus on the pics. 1st click thru is me, and I did not take the pic. :) 2nd & 3rd I'm wishing it was me.)

Now, click on this red button and go see what HNT is all about.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Nekkid Self

I seem to have taken an inordinate amount of half-nekkid photography in the last few years, thanks in large part to Osbasso's blog triumph of Half-Nekkid Thursday's.

(Click on the pic for more fun!)

It's been fun. It comes to an end in two weeks.

I have my final HNT planned out and photographed. Hope you'll like it.

But first, the second-to-last HNT is next. A themed HNT...
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