Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving to Tumblr

Hi. I have many more stories to tell you sexy people, but not here any longer I think.

I'd like to share more explicit photos of myself and my life as a bisexual traveler. I am thinking Tumblr is a suitable place for the X-rated personal photos, so I have started a Tumblr page. I should have done that years ago.

Thank you for reading my stories here as the Semi-Celibate Man. I enjoyed the Blogger community of sexy virtual friends. You are terrific.

If you want to follow me there I have set up a page called "Bi-Traveler" at

I don't know how much life I have left to live. I certainly don't know how much sex I have in my future. I love women. I am comfortable with men. I would love another experience with a couple. Given that diabetes has caught up with me in rendering me essentially impotent, my options are limited. I think that I am bi-oral from here out. Whatever experiences I have in the future, I'll share them on the Tumblr page. I'll see you there.

Although, I could tell my stories in both places? What do you think?
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