Wednesday, December 05, 2012

An Unexpected Cuckolding

I read about the fetish of cuckolding online often. Mostly to see porn about "hotwives", not necessarily because of the dynamic between the hotwive and her cuckolded husband. I don't give it any thought that I could end up in a cuckold dynamic, certainly not as the bull.


I met a couple this week. Both much shorter than me. The wife is attractive and dynamic and a spitfire. The husband was mousy and quiet and in the background.

We were having a discussion, the three of us, platonically having nothing to do with sex. About the furthest thing from sex. Really.

Suddenly, she turned the discussion on her husband and berated him in front of me in a withering manner. Even more suddenly, she complimented me with an endearment that made me blush. Wow.

In that fleeting moment, I wanted nothing more than to bed her and have my way with her in front of her husband. It was an overpowering desire.

I may never see that couple again. I will certainly think about, and be aroused by, that moment for quite a while.


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