Saturday, March 10, 2012

Avert Your Eyes

So, I'm shopping at a local hardware store with a penchant for having attractive young ladies on the registers.

As I walk in the door I see a tall young thing facing away from me at the closest register. Yeow! Long sexy hair. Trim. I make a note to go to that register to check out.

So, I hunt what I'm looking for and bag it in 5 minutes and head to that register, the express lane.

Now she's facing away from me the other way, and I can see her full length. Yeow! Long blond hair, yes. And that is the sexiest derriere that I have ever seen in denim jeans on a human female I think in my lifetime. Heart stoppingly sexy.

And she turns around.

Damn. I know her. It's a friend of mine's 18 year old daughter. I didn't know she worked there.

Washing my eyes out with soap...
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