Sunday, February 05, 2012

Superbowl Fantasy

Is my sex life mostly over? Please say it isn't. I'm afraid it might be for the most part.

That leaves me with fantasy, which I excel at.

I've been thinking a lot about threesomes. I enjoyed the threesome that I got to experience immensely. I re-live it often in my mind.

Today I was thinking about a Super Bowl threesome. How awesome would it be to have found a sexy young couple (younger than me) and have spent the Super Bowl with them...

In envision spending the first half with her in the bedroom while he's watching the game. Lots of fingers and tongue and pleasing her, which I am good at and enjoy immensely. No pressure of penetration. Just licking and sucking and fingering. Sit on my face for the whole 2nd quarter.

Halftime she settles into a chair with a vibrator and gets off watching me give him a long slow blowjob while he's watching Madonna. Keeping him on edge for a half hour and then a big finish while she gets off.

Then back into the bedroom with her for the 2nd half. Maybe some long deep fucking if the Cialis is working. Until she's orgasmed out and a wrung out mess.

Oh, yes. That's a hot one. I'll have to try to make that happen some day.
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