Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2nd-to-Last HNT: Three Christmas Wishes Theme

What an energizing privilege it has been to be an HNT participant these last years! I have virtually "met" many terrific and courageous bloggers through this ritual, and my life is enriched because of it.

With that in mind, and being of a rebellious nature, I have decided on a twist to the amazing Osbasso's theme for this Half-Nekkid Thursday (on a Wednesday, no less).

Instead of one Christmas wish each to three individual HNT'ers as specified in the theme...

My particular twist is: Three Christmas Wishes out to each and all of my fellow HNT'ers that I have met here through HNT. List at the end.

But first, Three Christmas Wishes to each of you:

1. I wish you Fruitful and Cathartic blogging for many years to come.


You are truly a creative and passionate group of people. Much more so than most of the people who know you in real life know. You have unique passions, and unique voices. You are creative and courageous risk-takers, and I admire each and every one of you for it. May you find or keep your voice through this magic of the internet. Live a bigger life. Be whole. Express yourself.

2. I wish you deeply fulfilling Romantic Love.


We are made for love. I wish you partnership, however you find it, and fulfillment and deeply passionate kisses.

3. I wish you a deeply satisfying and orgasmic Sex Life.


However consensual sex comes your way. Have more of it. Life is short. Get off. Be happy. I wish you passion, and intimacy, and messy bodily fluids.

These Three Christmas Wishes go out to each of you that I've met through HNT. I know that I am missing some or many names here, and if you don't see yours leave me a comment and claim the wishes too!

Osbasso - of course!
Blue Eyed Vixen
Midwestern City Boy / California Girl
Joanna Cake
Tara Tainton
Double Dos
Randi Rabbit
Cheeky Minx
Lee Ann
Lady Grinning Soul
Sexy Sadie
Gucci Mama
Kazi Girl
Pocket Rockettz
Jack and Jill
Minority Report
Saucy Wildcat
Lusting Lola
A Daft Scot Lass
Al Sensu
Curvaceous Dee
K Bare
Marie – who I regretfully have lost track of…

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, my friends. See you next week for the final HNT!

(Note: Click thrus on the pics. 1st click thru is me, and I did not take the pic. :) 2nd & 3rd I'm wishing it was me.)

Now, click on this red button and go see what HNT is all about.

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