Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is No Sex better than This Sex?

I love women.

I love the look of women. I love your hips swishing and swaying down the hallway. I love you in the Summer dresses that I'm starting to see. I love the swell of your breasts in sweaters or cleavage that make it difficult to concentrate in meetings. I love your unexpected smile as I make you laugh at the checkout stand.

I love your smell, with the variety of perfumes capturing me as you walk down the hallway.

I miss kissing women. "Her lips, her lips. I'd kiss them all day if she'd let me". Yes, Bruno Mars, you got that right. All day. Tender kisses. Passionate kisses.

I miss having sex with women. With the lovely Mrs. SCM. With others I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing in that way. I miss that, every day.

That's not available to me right now. It's just not. As much as I wish it was, it's not.


I have one outlet right now. I choose to have that one outlet right now. One guy, a regular I guess. One situation that I trust and I'm comfortable with and that I can make happen every 3 weeks or so. It's what I have, and I have to be okay with that because it's all there is. It's semi-acceptable.

I've been with "A" twice since I last wrote about him. He's a good guy. A great looking guy, as far as guy's looks go. You ladies would like him. Young. Athletic. Frat-guy good looks. Professional. Toned. Not pushy. A find.

We have a comfortable rhythm established. An email. A visit to his house. Some small talk. Disrobing. Pleasure. A clean departure. What could be better?

It's still confined to one act. I get naked, kneel between his knees as he sits on a couch, and give A an awesome half-hour blowjob to completion. Simple. Satisfying for both of us. What could be better?

One visit was a daytime visit. A was concerned about how visible we would be in his living room, so we went to his bed for the first time. We both got naked. I crawled up and kneeled between his legs with my legs tucked under neath me. I took his soft cock in my mouth and held it there until his hardenend length extended out of my mouth. Then I slowly sucked on him for a long long time. A prefers very slow. I prefer very slow. We are a matched set.

I did ask to try one other position, and had A stand up by the side of his bed. I got on my knees at his feet and took him back in my mouth. I wanted him to be a little more active in fucking my mouth as I ran my hands over his hairy legs and firm ass cheeks. And he did. And there was a lot of cock coming at me, filling my mouth. Knocking me off balance. It was a little too much. More next time, I thought, as I moved us back to our original position on the bed. A clasped up against my sides with his thighs as the pleasure mounted, and they yelled out and sat up as he came powerfully. Wow. I dressed and left.

The second visit was a nighttime visit and we stayed in his living room on his couch. His laptop was open on the coffee table with gay porn up of two hard body young guys stroking each other's cocks. I had in mind making my own video, and had a new video camera with me with a video setting. We spent some time early on taking about 5 minutes of video of me sucking on his beautiful cock. Video that I watched again tonight. Video that you would enjoy seeing, but never will.

I sat upright on my knees between his legs as we put the camera away. My cock close to his cock. "Oh, you look excited", A said as he took my cock in his hand and stroked me easily. Wow. He hadn't touched me before. Just received. And now he had my cock in his hand. My brain shut off and I just focused on that feeling of intimacy for a few moments.

I knelt back down on all fours between his knees and took his long delicious cock back in my mouth. I spent several minutes treating myself to sucking on his cock. Varying techniques and pressures. All the way in and hold. Sucking action up and down his shaft. Licking the tasty head of his cock and foreskin. Grasping his shaft firmly in my hand and sucking on the length extendign past my fingers as I gave him a firm handjob.

After 20 minutes of delicious treat for me and near constant pleasure from him, I instinctively knew how to end.

On all fours, with my hands roaming over his firm toned thighs and stomach, I took his cock as deeply into my mouth and throat as I could. All but a 1/2 inch or less of his 7 inch cock in my mouth. And I held it there. Not moving. Just suction. For 5 long minutes or so. Longer than I thought I could hold him there, not moving. A moved his hips up and down now and then, moving that last 1/2 inch into my mouth and out. The room quiet and still. Me still. A barely moving.

And man was that powerful.

A groaned and thrust up into my mouth. And I tasted salty warmth in the back of my mouth.

And I held still.

And A moaned and thrust. And again.

"I think I came three times there. Ropes and ropes of cum. That was awesome."

The male multiple orgasm? I think we achieved it.

I remember it. I enjoyed it. I crave it again.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the look and smell and smiles of the women all around me every day. You are awesome creatures. I desire you. Apparently I can't have you. So, I'm semi-adapting as best I can before it's too late to.
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