Thursday, March 01, 2012


I had my hard cock in the warm wet willing mouth of a handsome young man tonight.


I ran my fingers through his closely cropped hair. I cupped my hand on the back of his strong neck as I stroked firmly into his sucking mouth. I took him that way, rocking into his willing embrace.

But I get ahead of myself. I left out the part where he came in my mouth, flooding it with salty warmness.

A greeted me at the back door to his house in his underwear. It has been a while, but we had a chance to get together for our shared activity - me blowing him. This is what my sex life has become, and I'm mostly fine with that. Life is stressful, this is cathartic. It's what I crave, and I'll take it when I can get it.

I changed it up a bit today. Instead of stripping and kneeling between his thighs as he reclines on the couch, I sat down instead. "Let's try with you standing up this time." I wanted it a little more agressive today. I wanted to be manhandled a bit. Instead of me sucking him slowly and deeply as he prefers, I wanted him to fuck my mouth. Stand over me. Saw into me. Forcefully, even.

His skin felt wonderful under my probing hands. He is a gorgeous man. Fit. Young. Tan. Muscular. I wanted to feel him as I sucked him. And I did, exploring his thighs and his chest with both hands as I brought him to hardness and full 7" length with my ministrations. Taking my time, I explored the delight of his body. I gripped his ass cheeks with both hands as he stood over me and pulled him deeply into my mouth...and held him there...and held him be rewarded with his groans. Deeper than I thought I could take him, in that position. Full. Taken, but taking too.

I ran my hands over the back of his calfs and up to his strong thighs. I moved up to his strong back and pulled him into me in a strong hug as I took him all the way deeply into my throat, and held him there...and held him there...intimate and full. Taken, and taking.

His hands were loose at his side as he stood over me. I took his hands and put them on my head. Better. Now he gripped my head and thrust into my mouth. Fully taken and stuffed as he sawed into me. My breath cut off. Then sliding up an down his rock hard cock, wet with my spit, which fell off onto my slacks.

Cumming came next, triggered by my fingers exploring the crack of his ass from underneath and pressing on his anus. That did the trick, as he pulled me tight up on his dick all the way to his soft furry balls and he flooded the back of my throat with warmth. Wow. Delicious.

Decision time. Should I go? I needed to, but wanted to play more.

He was standing as I disrobed, and I walked up to him and hugged him. There hadn't been much intimacy before this - just me servicing him and then going. Did he want that? I wasn't sure. But I knew as I embraced him standing that he did. I nuzzled his neck with my lips as I wrapped myself into him. I rubbed my cheek against his beard stubble and sighed. Nice. I was standing naked hugging another man and enjoying it immensely. I wanted to kiss him. I've never kissed a man, and in that moment with this gorgeous man, I wanted to. Would he have let me kissed him? I don't know. The moment passed.

He sat back down on the couch and pulled me to him and began stroking my hardening cock. The cialis I took the day before was having some positive effect. Not rock hard, but not limp either. Firm, and at length with some blood in the head. Throbbing. Hot.

I did not expect him to take me into his mouth. In these several encounters it seemed to be one way, and I was okay with that. But, when took me into my mouth I froze. It's been a while to feel that enveloping sensation. Wow. It was reveresed now. I was standing and he was taking me in and feeling me with his hands. Exploring my thigh and my ass with one hand, as he stroked me into his mouth with the other.

I had no expectation of getting off. I just want to enjoy this feeling. I looked down the length of my chest and belly and watched his mouth taking in my cock. I felt good. I felt trim and buff as I've been for a man five decades into life. I'm not handsome in his league, but I felt adequate as his partner. And in this act I was his partner. I didn't stand passively, but took control of the act. One hand on the back of his neck, the other gripping the base of my cock - taking his mouth. Switch.

I called a halt eventually. Thanked him for doing that for me.

I pushed him laid out on his back on the couch and took him back into my mouth for 15 minutes of sucking on his soft shaft. Nibbling. Licking. full in sucking. I had an agenda for coaxing another erection out of him, and I asked him for it.

"Any interest in taking my ass?"

"I could do that for you."

"I would like that. It's been years."

I wanted that badly. I wanted to be fully manhandled. I needed that as stress relief, for him to bend me over and fuck me up the backside with his full weight pressing onto me. I've fantasized about that for a while now.

But, another erection was not to be had.

The ice on that topic has been broken though. I need to make that happen. I crave to make that happen.

Next time.
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