Saturday, December 01, 2012

Clothed Male, Nude Female

So, just over 24 hours ago I was on the road with an adorably sexy free-spirited lady half my age in my bed. Multiple orgasms were had, not by me, and that was my plan.

How in the world did that happen?

I knew for a month that I would need to be out of town for one Friday night. As I booked the hotel, my imagination began working. A hunger grew. I miss intimacy. I need closeness. I wanted company. And, as circumstances would have it, I needed the stress relief of an intimate encounter.

It didn't happen by chance, but by working Craigslist hard. I started two weeks from that night, and eventually put in 5 different ads. 1 for couples who might want a third. Two for w4m. Two for men on the down low. All had the same theme: I'm offering oral pleasure for you and (because of the lack of hydrualic function at the moment) nothing for me. Come, cum, and go.

The couples ad was a dry well, as I expected it would be. The first ad for women drew the usual number of bots and escorts asking me to go to a profile to signup, etc. Not going to happen. Three days before the night I drew inspiration from the picture above that I had seen surfing the internet, and put this ad on CL:

Clothed Male, Nude Female

This Friday night only - I am looking to spend time with an attractive lady wants something like what is in these pictures for an hour or so in my hotel room.

I am reasonably attractive and very clean and discreet. I can get you off, more than once. Come enjoy this. I need nothing in return.

Speak up, tell me you want this. I know you deserve this.

More bots and escorts. And then this intriguing reply with a picture attached of two pretty girls:

I am an attractive 24 white female who would love to be sexually pleased. I could meet you in your hotel room tomorrow (Friday) afternoon/night. I am the one on the right in the white. Let me know so we can make this happen!

Can this be real? Not likely, but I responded and she replied again with what looked like real responses. "What would you like me to wear? Although it doesn't matter because I'm just going to take my clothes off and jump in bed".

Which is exactly what she did. At the appointed time, the self-same lovely young lady from the picture knocked on the door to my king-suite and said hi. I greeted her in navy slacks and a nice dress shirt. After the briefest of small talk, "E" stripped naked and laid right down on my bed. I honored my ad and kept my clothes on. Hot so far.

"Well, aren't you lovely", I offered as I made myself acquainted with her delightful young body and soft delicious skin. I carressed her full breasts, kissed my way down her downy stomach, and soon knelt at the edge of the bed between her spread thighs. E stared at the ceiling waiting to be pleased, and pleasing was my intention.

How long do you have to spend, I asked. One hour. And there was no lack of contact for that full hour. It was on.

Starting slowly, casually licking her delightful pink slit, I began learning her body and her responses. We only had an hour and I needed to be a quick study. I teased the entrance of her delightful pussy, where most of the nerve endings are, for a bit. Flat tongue here. Fingertips slightly in. Circling tongue there. "Which feels best", I asked. "All of it", she whispered - starting to look lost. "Stay on my clit".

Her clit was there, but deep. Buried under delightful tasty flesh. Accepting of great pressure. The more pressure the better it seemed. Hard with my tongue. Circling pressure with my fingers and thumb. More. More pressure the better. She likes it rough!

Fingers inserted. One. Two. Stroking. Curled up in a come hither, finding the special texture of the G-spot. Oh, there we go. Ah, so that's what her orgasm feels like on my fingers. Now I know.

Her eyes closed. My eyes open, enjoying the absolutely delightful sight of this beautiful young woman naked on my bed. Feeling her beauty. Cupping and squeezing each full breast. Stroking her sides and ribs and sexy thighs. Pulling her hips to bury my face fully in her warm wet cunt. More!

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh, fuck me", she moaned - lost in the continuous feel. Fuck her I did, aggressively with three fingers plunging in and out of her for the better part of the last half hour. On her back. Flipped over on all fours as I licked her firm full ass cheeks. Reaching under to cup her breasts as I fucked her. Gathering her back-length hair in my left and and pulling as I fucked her tenaciously with my right hand - to the point of cramping.

Switching, I laid on my back. "thank you", she said - thinking I was done. Oh, no. "Sit on my face. Grind that beautiful pussy on my lips." I cupped her ass and helped E ride my face, grinding hard on that deep clit as fingers thrust up and into her again.

One hour. Working up a sweat as a clothed male. Sexually pleasing her. E lost in lust for a full hour.

And then, up and dressed and gone. Wow.

She was real. My offer was real. The experience in my hotel room was very real and very hot and beyond my wildest dreams for a CL encounter at this stage of my life. Wow.

I emailed here once more with two questions: Did the "clothed male" part of my ad have any bearing on her accepting my offer? And were those orgasms, or did she just feel good for that time? Answers: It didn't make any difference. She would have been fine if I undressed, she said. And multiple orgasms, and it felt good. She said "Thanks again". Awesome.

She was so young, so pretty, so sexy. And the fact that she answered an ad and came and got what she wanted is sexy as hell.

I doubt that will ever happen again in my life. But we made it happen, together. I will remember you, baby. Thank you.
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