Saturday, November 26, 2016

Still Exploring the Semi-Celibate Life

Hi fellow kinksters.

The Semi-Celibate Man is still around, in different guises, living life.

I've had a quite a journey since I last posted here, exploring who I am in a sexless marriage.

I've explored learning that I am bisexual, with sexy hookups with hot men on the road.

I've explored cross-dressing as I've matured and my testosterone has dropped and I've become completely impotent. I can be quite feminine as Valerie.

I am now exploring all of that, plus a Mistress/submissive pet relationship with a FWB woman that I met on Craigslist. We are compatible, Mistress and I, though in committed relationships with others.

I'm not dead yet, so I am a sexual being still. Just in different forms as life goes on.

I hope everyone is well, and living a fulfilling and sexual life.

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