Monday, March 12, 2007

Bad JuJu

Wow, not a good last 24 hours.

First, I slept terrible last night. Nightmares all night long, in two parts.

Part one was a variation of my recurring stress dream. The most frequent version of that dream is that I'm a college student with a final exam to go to and I can't find the location of the test. Last night's variant was that I'm supposed to be graduating, but find out that I've forgotten entirely to go to one of my classes, for the whole semester, and I've failed it. I rush around the admin building trying to see if I was even registered for that course and if there is any way to pass it last minute and graduate. Awful. (Just for the record, I graduated college a long time ago. But all my traumatic stress dreams are at college for some reason).

Part two was that I was locked up in the nasty old county jail for failing to pay a bill. Gee, do you think the topic of my last post affected this part of my dream?

Second, I managed to thoughtlessly offend my friend Chelle today. Doesn't matter how. Just that I did. (and after she wished me a happy birthday this week!) My bad.

So, which is the stupidest thing I did in the last 7 days? Spending $1100 I can't afford to spend on a stripper, or thoughtlessly offending a good friend?

Bad juju, both.

I hereby offer a public apology to Chelle. My bad.

I hope tomorrow goes better.
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