Saturday, March 31, 2007

Erotic Reading

Here are the 3 most erotic things that I read this week:

1. I read tabloids on airplanes. A little brain candy to get me through the endless series of takeoffs and landings. A little ogling of semi-clad celebrities. The best article I read this week was this announcement:

Carmen Electra and Joan Jett are a couple. OMG. Accompaning photos of Joan Jett looking manly with ripped abs and Carmen looking her usual uber-feminine self. My brain is melting just thinking about those two having sex together.

2. Comments on my explict photo sets online from several of you ladies and at least one bro. I must really be an exhibitionist, because I really enjoy the thought that you are enjoying those pics. Hopefully you're rubbing one off to them as you look!

3. One highly erotic fantasy email from a lovely young lady, detailing what might happen in my hotel room on the road. YEOW!

I've read that email at least 3 times, with predictable results - and new pics! Go see: = Erotic Reading
password = scm

Have a great weekend everyone. Find something erotic to read and get your freak on.
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