Sunday, April 01, 2007

Finally Post-Op

The question I get asked most often on this blog is: "Why are you semi-celibate?"

The real answer to that question, the answer that I've been hiding, is that for the last year I have been living life as a pre-operative transexual. Waiting for the surgery that would make me externally into the woman that I've always felt that I was on the inside. Dressing, speaking, living each day on my off-duty hours as a woman.

Mrs. SCM has tolerated the change well, given the circumstances, but it doesn't often get me laid. I couldn't if I wanted to because the large doses of estrogen I've taken for the last year have left me rarely able to get an erection.

What about all of those hard, throbbing, erect penis pics that I've posted in the last year of this blog? Well, they're real but not current. I've been pacing those pictures out from my archives just to keep up appearances.

Until last week, that is. I know I said I was away on the road for a convention. I lied. It was time. Time for the surgery. A week for healing, and today the bandages came off.

Here, revealed today, is my new - post operative appearance.

Click on the picture for the naked view:

HNT #35: Jeans

I know it was a drastic step. But not irreversible. No, the doctor assures me that if I change my mind I can have the reverse procedure - the add-a-dick-to-me.

I can have that procedure next year. Exactly one year from this day.

Next April Fool's Day!
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