Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tagged! 5 Revelations

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My virtual blogger friend, and the chief goof, ZigZagMan tagged me a while back to:

"list 5 things that had not been previously revealed on this blog".

Okay, let's start with the fact that I am a travelling pervert who whacks off a lot in hotel rooms. Wait. That's what this whole blog sometimes seems to be about! never mind. Let's go with 5 new things:

1. I've self-published a book of travel photos. I love photography, and not just the HNT and nekkid pics I post here. Those are fun. No, what I really love is to make an "art" pic out of everyday moments or architecture or nature. To "see" an image that no one else saw, and capture it. My chief hobby.

2. I've been both arrested, and elected to public office. As a Republican. Elected, that is....

3. I had my jaw broken in two places. On purpose. In a hospital. Ouch.

4. Though I've mentioned that I am a Christian man, I haven't previously revealed that I was once on track to be ordained into the ministry. I wouldn't have been a senior pastor, preaching and whatnot. I would have been a counselor or run a shelter. Not finishing that path is one of the deep regrets of my life.

5. Because I was severely undisciplined as a younger man, I flunked out of a major university when I was 21. (I got A's in an engineering discipline, but simply stopped going to classes in my junior year) I found that discipline in the military. I persevered and finished the degree more than a decade later at a lesser tier school. However, flunking out was traumatic. That's why my nightmares when I get stressed out are always some variation of failing a course in college. Squandering that first degree opportunity is another of the big regrets of my life.

Bonus reveal: I seriously thought I was in a life-or-death situation on a mountain in a remote part of the world years ago. That shit will change your views on life.

That's my five things. If you're inspired by this post to do likewise, consider yourself tagged.

Have a blessed Easter, if that's your thing. It's mine. I'll be back Monday.

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