Monday, April 16, 2007

Playboy Contest - Take Two

First, go read my previous post below, about being a winner on Playboy Radio's Night Calls program's Dick-of-the-Day contest last Friday. Check out the pictures.

Okay, I had to record it during the Sunday re-broadcast. Got a digital voice recorder, and did it. Not great audio, but good enough to capture it.

Here's a transcript of the relevant part where Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon judge my picture set:

GINGER: Alright, give me a dick.

Theme: And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Dick of the Day (ladies ohhhing and ahhhing)

DIRTY MARIE: We have some good dicks this week.


DIRTY MARIE: I had to pull 10 of them today. I had to pull 10, because I swear we have over a hundred waiting to be judged.

GINGER: Let’s get to the dicks before I start using the “Celebrator” baby. OOOhhhh.

DIRTY MARIE: Okay, here’s Dick number one.

CHRISTY: Oh my God. You have a perfect dick.

G. Ohhh, that’s beautiful…

CHRISTY: You are trimmed…perfectly….I see balls…I see a gorgeous…..that looks to be about a six inch cock…perfect

GINGER: Is there another of the same man?

DIRTY MARIE: Yes, he sent me a few.

CHRISTY: Oh, he’s cumming in this one, cumming on your hand…your leaking out a beautiful milky white substance coming out of the tip of your cock..

GINGER: I hope it’s cum….or he’s leaking something.

GINGER: laughing at Ginger

DIRTY MARIE: Yes, it’s cum. Get those sunglasses off, it’s hurting your vision.

CHRISTY: Oh my…’re fucking hot….in a hotel room…that’s even hotter.

GINGER: I know…it’s almost tawdry

CHRISTY: It’s almost better if it’s not a hotel room, because that would be like his room is like a hotel room.

G. I like your body…I like your abs…I like…

CHRISTY: Oh, lots of photos…

GINGER: (voice rising) Oh, nice!

DIRTY MARIE: Okay, that’s all the shots.

GINGER: Oh my God!

CHRISTY: He’s included everything to make both Ginger Lynn and me, Christy Canyon, happy. Beautiful cock…the balls…grooming…mmmmmmm….cumming….If this isn’t a 10, I give up, I quit. I’m giving him a 10.

GINGER: I’m not.

CHRISTY: )Sharp intake of breath!)

GINGER: Twenty.

CHRISTY: You’re kidding.

GINGER: No, I love this cock.

CHRISTY: It’s perfect.

GINGER: It’s beautiful.

DIRTY MARIE: It’s very pretty.

GINGER: I really, really like this cock. I want to nuzzle his…nuggets.

CHRISTY: I want to just put it all the way down my thoat while your nuzzling the nuggets.

GINGER: I want to lick those balls.

CHRISTY: I’ll even taste that cum.

GINGER: Will you spit it – snowball it - back into my mouth?

CHRISTY: I want to take half of it down my throat, and then give you the other half out of my love for you.

Later comments as they judged the other nine dicks:

No. 2: “I was going to give him a 10, but number 1 was so great that I’m going to have to give him a nine.

No5: “I’d like to have a three way with number 5 and number 1”. “Can we make it a four-way?”

Later in the program, as Ginger takes phone calls including one from me, Christy starts masturbating in studio – moaning loudly. She says that she really wanted to cum “when I saw dick number 1”. No transcript here – you really have to hear the audio.


Now, how can I post the MP3 audio file? You have to hear it in their sexy voices.

P.S. For the record, I don't have any illusions about my dick. It's average. I am, however, an above average photographer. Plus, I knew what kind of pictures Ginger and Christy specifically like!
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