Sunday, February 11, 2007

Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer

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Yes, I ogled these two lovely young ladies during the entire sporting event. But, it started earlier in the day.

I was choosing which of the long checkout lines to get stuck in at the grocery store, when I saw her. An anonymous woman, 40-ish in a short leather coat and perfect jeans, with the most perfect ass I had seen in a long time. And I look at a lot of lady's derrieres! Literally, a work of art in denim.

So, naturally, I chose my checkout lane on the sole criteria of which lane gave me the best view of her ass. And as I waited to put my sundry munchies on the checkout belt I ogled and admired and appreciated her delightful backside. I stared, and quite blatantly with the thought "take a picture, it lasts longer" going through my head. Wishing, of course, that I had a camera.

Which brings me to later in the evening, at the arena for a boys night out with my younguns. And a camera in my pocket. Two hours of an adrenaline inducing game - with my team winning! - and of blatantly checking out these two beauties across the aisle from me. One beautiful translucent blonde and her smoking brunette drinking buddy. (With the brunette checking me out the whole game as well, even though she was nominally with some guy. Maybe my public paternal bonding was attractive?) 150 pictures of the game, and 1 snap of blondie's butt. Okay, I'm a dog.

The one picture will indeed last longer.
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