Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Beauty and Tragedy of Anna Nicole

Let's remember people kindly, shall we? Let's remember them for the best they had to offer, not the worst. Especially those that pass too young, too public, too tragic. Gone, suddenly, before they finished working out - in front of all of us - what their life story would be.

There are two ways to tell the story of Anna Nicole Smith, a story that shouldn't have an ending yet but does with her death tonight. Two ways, because there were two Anna's.

We could dwell on the outrageous and disfunctional superstar Anna. Easy to do. There are lots of public moments, unflattering pictures, questionable decisions. Compelling, that story.

But, look at that smile in the picture. Doesn't that tell a different story? That's the story of the vivacious Anna. Vivacious - a word that means "high-spirited" from the word vivere "to live". (Webster) Just look at that smile! Just hear in your head the lilt in her voice so recognizable in just 3 words - "Trim Spa, Baby!" Totally captivating.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, Anna Nicole accomplished what many of us dream of - to live bigger than simple beginnings entitle us to. Whatever that means to you. Whatever that meant to her. She did it. And she did it with beauty and charm and vitality.

That's the story I would tell. Not disfunction. Not tragedy. Not just beauty. A story of dreams and vitality.

In her best moments she shone and captivated. In her worst.......well, as I would want people to do of me when I pass, I'll just remember her best.

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