Monday, February 05, 2007

Tagged and Inspired

Tag. I'm it. Back from the road and parent for the day. Mrs. SCM out for some needed respite with friends.

Normally, guy's day with my boys means something testosterone driven. A hockey game. Chuck E. Cheese. Hoops.

Not last weekend. Brrrrrrrrr! I almost forgot what -35 deg wind chill felt like. Definitely staying inside.

So, we kicked it inside - Dad style. A museum, featuring one of my favorite artists in the gallery. (Not a show Mrs. SCM would have liked, so I took this opportunity to go see it.)

A museum? With young boys? Yes. They need to see Dad taking in some culture. Did they get it? A little. Did they behave? Mostly, although we almost got thrown out. But, they hung in there and were rewarded with some dinner with Dad before we went home and fixed some things around the house. A pretty good guy's day.

Tagged. Inspired by the art. Uplifted by time with my younguns. Wishing, of course, that I could have shared the museum experience with my Mrs. - but, not to be. A good day overall.
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