Friday, January 26, 2007

"Don't Say" that word

I've written the word "dick" here more this month than I have in 3 years of blogging. Or, that I will again after this month!

Thinking about that gave me an flashback to an interesting evening that I spent in the company of a beautiful stripper a couple of years ago.

"Beautiful" doesn't do her justice. She was gorgeous - young and pretty and shapely with long sexy hair down to her waist. Wow. And, she was nervous on her first night back into stripping after a brief hiatus. Nervous and chatty.

Not normal chatty. Yeah, some of that. Mostly smutty chatty. This girl liked to talk dirty in a stream-of-consciousness way. She didn't really need me to contribute to the conversation to keep it going. Including this memorable advice that she gave to me late in the evening while we were out on a private limo ride:

"Don't say 'dick'. I hate that word. Say 'suck my cock' not 'suck my dick'. Dick is rude."

Just for the record, there was no sucking of either my dick or my cock. Just a long private lapdance in the limo and a steady stream of smutty chat.

I'll send you off into the weekend with three pics of my.....well, you know:

Click on the image below for Day 26 of:
"January's 31 Days of My Dick" (NSFW - over 18 please!)

In the first one, the uh subject is out of focus, but check out the image in the mirror:
HNT #35: Jeans

So, you get two more where I got the focus better:
HNT #35: Jeans

HNT #35: Jeans

Also, I posted Day 25 late yesterday. You might want to scroll down and check that one out too. Five more dick-scapes to go!

Have a great weekend.
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