Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Owner's Manual?

I just noticed that the award for winning the Best Male Sex Blogger award (subliminal message - click the button on my sidebar and go vote!) is a copy of "The Penis Book". Is that an owner's manual? Two thoughts:

1. How do anonymous sexbloggers receive prizes? It's not like it could show up in the mail at my house....

2. I'm kind of writing the penis book, aren't I. Visually. Photographically. With my "January's 31 Days of my Dick" theme. Which brings us to today:

Click on the image below for Day 20 of:
"January's 31 Days of My Dick" (NSFW - over 18 please!)
HNT #35: Jeans

Update: today's pic reminds me of an old rhyme that every schoolboy hears by the eighth grade:

"It's not the heat of the meat,
it's the angle of the dangle" :)
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