Friday, January 19, 2007

Was That a Pickup Line?

Recently I mused wistfully in a post that I missed flirting. And within days, flirting it was. Backwards though. When I said it I meant me doing the flirting, not that I remember how. As it turned out, I was the flirtee.

So, I'm standing in another airport departure gate killing time before the flight. Anonymous in my casual clothes I changed into on the drive after work - jeans and a long sleeved henly shirt buttoned to the neck. Looking studly, if I do say so myself. Catching one last call home at the end of a long day - verbally tucking in the juniors for all standing nearby to hear. And she heard.

"Hard to be away from home, huh?" she said as I hung up. And it started.

Is she talking to me? She's standing next to me. She's looking right at me. She must be talking to me. I gave her an out, but she kept going. She was chatty. Unexpectedly, I was chatty too. I've been in so many airports where I'm there for hours and never say a word to another living soul other than the necessary transactional talk to employees. I'm game for a chat.

So, I stowed my MP3 player and talked. And I checked her out as I did so. My age, at least. Okay, maybe 5 years older. Okay, Maybe 10 years older. But attractive in an aggressive-Type A-confident business woman type of way. Short platinum blonde bob haircut. All business. And the business at the moment was apparently me.

We talked. We talked about work. We talked about business. We talked about travel overseas. We talked about books. We talked in the gate area. We talked down the ramp. We talked down the aisle. We sat next to each other on the plane and talked on the flight.

She was totally focused on me. Smiling at me. Laughing at my jokes. Touching me on the shoulder as she talked. Hmmm. I kind of enjoyed the feminine attention, knowing of course that it was going nowhere.

We said bye at the baggage carousel. She was home and her husband was on his way to pick her up.

And I went off to another hotel room, aroused by the encounter and alone, and set for another night of frustrated self-pleasure.

Speaking of choking the chicken......

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