Sunday, January 14, 2007

At Ease

Day 2 of a mini-vacation. No deep thoughts today, other than wondering what the temperature will be in the deep end of the hotel pool, and how long I can stave off the ice storm outside.

Are you guys reading the "Suckfest" theme over at "Desireous"? It's pretty hot. I'm waiting my turn to get in line.

In the meantime, I offer a pic of me "at ease". Click on the image below for Day 14 of:

"January's 31 Days of My Dick" (NSFW - over 18 please!)

HNT #35: Jeans

A question: what was I thinking doing this for 31 days? Actually, I'm enjoying it. Are you guys? Are you liking the variety of "dickscapes", or do you want to see more hard-ons? Just curious.
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