Wednesday, January 24, 2007

HNT #44: Pharmacy Phun

HNT #44: Pharmacy Phun
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Looky what I found in the pharmacy aisles at my local W*lmart! Tucked in next to the condoms and "personal lubricants" was this little treat from Durex - the "Play".

It's a disposable vibrating cock-ring. 20 minute battery life, and then toss it. For "targeted vibrations".

My review: Interesting. Technologically sound. Probably would be fun for a couple. Does nothing for you solo...

My main problem: why only 20 minutes? Not enough time.

There are explicit pics of it being tested. I think I'll leave them out though and leave it to your imagination. You, with the naughty imaginations! (Besides, my daily explicit pic is one post below. Go see.)

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, everyone - up early as always.

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