Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Because I Have One, and a Camera

Happy Birthday wishes out today, I think?, to the lovely blogger Ms. Tara Tainton! And to others who had a birthday this month that I didn't know of. Happy Birthday to you. (singing song in my head...)

It's been interesting doing a post-a-day just to keep up this "....January's 31 Days..." photo theme. I've never blogged so much, with so little to say, before.

Why, again, am I doing the 31 days of my dick theme? (Really, anyone, I was hoping you could tell me...) Ostensibly, as I've explained before, it's simple really. It's because I have one - a dick that is - and I have a camera and lots of private time. This little 31 day adventure is just an experiment in photographic story telling that interests me.

Am I so enamored of my dick that I need to tell it's story? Well, yes and no.

Yes, I am kind of fond of the fellow, being attached to me and being the source of pleasure and all.

But no, I'm not under the illusion that it's anything special. Average. Absolutely average, it is - your basic 6 inches or so on most days. I say most days because, as you may have noticed in the photo series, it changes constantly. That's the photographic challenge, to capture the many states of my dick. There's an emormous amount of variation in my dick throughout the course of the week, and that's what intrigues me enough to document. Dry. Wet. Veiny. Smooth. Soft. Semi-hard. Hard.

Hmmmm. Maybe it's a little more than six inches when it's fully inflated Viagra hard - being charitable, and please be charitable! Can I say 7 inches on a good day?

So, as my own kind of birthday gift to Tara, I offer a pic of one of the "good days" below...

Click on the image below for Day 24 of:
"January's 31 Days of My Dick" (NSFW - over 18 please!)
HNT #35: Jeans
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