Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Remembering the Second Day

She looked at me with an unsure look. Yesterday was great. But was it, as it had been before, a one-time encounter and then back off into co-parenting mode?

"A half-hour", I said - looking intently at her so she got my point. "Go take a bubble bath and relax, and then I'll meet you there for a 'nap' ". Code talking around the younguns. She smiled, reassured.

I, having just showered, went to prepare the room. Lotions, toys, a towel, music - some Norah Jones I decided. Setting a different mood than yesterday, which was in fact great. Passionate reconnecting. Heated hungry kisses. Faces mashed together. Remembering sex together - it had been so long. Vigorous thrusting full of desire and promise. Promise, really? Or promise fulfilled?

I had thought earlier about my New Year's Resolution - to do something about this semi-celibate situation - and I determined that there would be a second day. We both needed there to be a second day.

Slower, this time. More of a snuggle than a fuck. Entwined, full body contact, on our sides. Kissing slowly and delicately and in no rush. My hands cradling behind her head pulling her into my lips - tasting her. No rush. Lingering in the kiss until...

My fingertips exploring the delicateness of her skin. Along her shoulders. Her arms. Tracing her ribcage. Gentle play on her belly. Still kissing. Tracing - her hips, her thighs. Parting her legs and finding her warmth. Wet and delicious on my fingertips. Parting her lips and spreading her wetness along the length or her opening. Teasing the nerve endings there. No penetration - stroking. Teasing a climax from her clit as only I know how to do with her. Bringing her to orgasm with just my hand, which pleased her greatly.

Just beginning, I pulled her over on top of me. My hands free to play and she inserted me. Both hands now. Stroking her backing. Cupping her beautiful breasts hanging down on me. My focus on her. Kneading her tits, tweaking her nipples, as she rythmically rode me. Cupping her ass with both hands as she leaned down to kiss me, eyes closed. Pleasure, at her pace. Until..

I changed us again. Her on her back, knees pulled up. Me along her side with my hips under her. Her guiding her toy to her clit, controlling the vibrations, as I teased her pussy with my fingertips. Gentle insertion, one knuckle deep, where all the nerves are. Gentle pressure, paced with the vibrations. Sometimes stroking with the flat of my finger along the wet length of her. Sometimes penetrating, one knuckle only. Clenching. Shuddering. An explosive orgasm with her eyes rolled back. Barely catching her breath when I..

penetrated. With the full length of my cock sideways into her. "Oh MY God!" Eyes still rolled back. Toy still vibrating. But now stroking with the full length of me. Panting. Pushing together with my finger on her clit pulsing from the vibrator. It was good. It was.... explosive for both of us.




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