Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chelle - In the House!

Soooo.....THIS is what it looks like here inside Mr. SCM's place!! Ladies...this place is hot, let me tell ya!! There are mirrors on the ceiling, and on the walls!!! A great big kind size bed, 4 post style...perfect for a little game of "tie-me-up" with those silk scarves and cuffs I see!! Whew!! I'm getting horny just walking inthe door!!!

Of course, since we know how much he loves his porn, I am not surprised to see a big screen tv in here....HD of course. Wow!! Porn is gonna be good on THIS thing!! I may have to take a look-see through his collection and see if there is anything that catches my eye.......OMG!! LOOK at the toys!! Holy shit!!! I think I died and went to "Sex Toys 'R Us"!! And here I thought he was a shy one! HA!! *Swallowing hard* Damn, I think I need to change my panties!! hehe Oops...my bad, I'm not wearing any!! hehe lol

Ok, so I'm kidding....but hey, a girl an dream right? LOL And after reading SCM's blog for so long now, it's easy to have those dreams!! I mean...this blog is hot, yes? It exudes sex!!

So, why am I writing this post on his blog you ask? Where is SCM?? Oh, he's ummm "tied up" at the moment...hehe LOL Well.....actually he asked to do it as an ending to his "31 Days of My Cock" theme. Of course....he picked the woman (me) with the least sexual blog out there....lol But that's ok. I thought and thought about what I should say, and what really stands out in my mind (well,aside from all these awesome cock pictures that are staring me right in the face at this moment!!) is the fact that I have become good friends and feel so comfortable with SCM. What stands out about it is, I don't typically frequent sex blogs. I'm not a prude or anything....I'm just more of a subtle flirtatious kind of gal. I know, I know.....how weird that a hunka hunka who writes erotica and does a cock series becomes friends with the girl next door (ok, maybe girl next door is pushing it...lol)?? Well, HNT. SCM quickly became one of the first HNT posters that I checked on HNT. I always thought his HNT pictures were awesome....I can't think of a bad one. Naughty maybe...but not "bad" lol I commented on his, and he on mine and I dunno.....eventually we just started emailing. I think, actually, because I am married to man who travels a LOT, too. So....we began a connection with being able to see things from the other's point of view. Maybe...I dunno. I was blown away at first....."WOW....me??? Cool!" lol

Anyway.....we became friends. Online friends only....just in case anyone was wondering!!! lol I would meet Mr. SMC someday in real life if the opportunity presented itself, though. I do believe, however, that it is possible to have online friendships that are just and only that....online. (Of course maybe if we were both single, we would meet and fuck like bunnies!! LOL)

Well, I hope I didn't tarnish this "Semi-Celibate Erotica" blog with my semi-prudish post....lol I am so glad that he happened to pop into my "virtual" life. He is one of the best people here and definitely one of the sexiest men in Blogland. (I'm sure you all know this!!) I am honored that he is my friend :)

Before I forget...let's not forget to show SCM how much we appreciated all his wonderful cock pictures this month!! I don't think I've said the word cock this much, let alone see this many!! But what a month!! HOT DAMN! :) How many of us printed them off?? *raising hand* Huh?? Just me??? LOL EEK!!!

Ok....and now.....if you will excuse me......I see some sex toys that need some exammmmining!!! Oh yeah! Ohhhhh Semiiiiiiiii.......c'mere and show me how this one works....hehehe ;)


Click on the image below for Day 30 of:
"January's 31 Days of My Cock" (NSFW - over 18 please!)

HNT #35: Jeans

Note from SCM: I got untied long enough to say thanks to Chelle for the guest post!

I decided to have one contributor on Semi-Celibate Erotica in the wake of the recent death of blogger "betcha". I got to wondering who would notify all of you faithful readers in the event that I went "Tango Uniform". I thought having a contributor with full access to the blog, and some personal information about me and where my obituary would be, was the way to go. I picked my new friend Chelle, and most faithful commenter, to be a contributor. Thank you, Chelle. Contribute as often as you like. I can't be the only one out here with semi-celibate, and erotic, thoughts!
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