Thursday, February 01, 2007

on being Half-Nekkid

Sorry, folks. I don't have an HNT picture on this first Half-Nekkid Thursday of February. I'm a little burned out from having posted 31 straight explicit click-thru pictures in January for my little marathon. A-post-a-day was a challenging pace for me, and I need to pause for a week or so. It was fun, but let me cool off a little before I jump back in on a Thursday.

I do have a quirky thought on HNT, though.

I read an interesting couple of comments on Os's site last Thursday, posted by someone named "M", decrying how explicit HNT had become. Especially "The Other HNT". M thought that the smut level was ramping up, with everyone trying to outdo each other in explicitness. Where was the fun of HNT? Was it a contest now?

Interesting comment, and sincere. But, for my own reasons, it made me laugh.

Why? Because I'm the exact opposite of that!

I write a sex blog. I often post explicit fully naked pictures of my body. However, not on Thursday. HNT is my chance to be only half-nekkid! Not fully nekkid as I often am on other days. I thought that was funny - maybe it's just me.

I know that HNT draws a wide audience and varied audience. Not everyone, perhaps not even a majority, of HNT surfers are looking for sex blogs. They don't want to get hit in the face with explicitness. I understand that. So, I tone down my HNT posts to be tasteful but still express me.

To summarize how I try to express myself:

HNT = "half-nekkid" and tasteful

any other day = anything goes! Including full nekkid, if the mood strikes me. :)

Now, go over and see Os and surf everyone's HNT for the week. Happy HNT to all. I'm going back to bed.
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