Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

Hammered! We're in for 12 inches or so today of the fluffy cold white stuff. Where's Global Warming when you need it! I want an IOU from Al Gore.

Bad time for the snowblower to break last week.

So, we get a inside family snuggle day today. That will be nice. Although I'm already craving a drive-thru burger. I may go into withdrawal.

So, I was curled up reading my copy of "In-Touch" magazine that I didn't get to read on the last airplane. "Britney's Gay Secret". Featuring a really butch-lesbian picture of Britney. Allegations in the article that Brit likes the ladies. (As do I). That she propositioned porn star Jenna Jameson. (As would I) That she used to leave K-Fed out in a room and go off into a bedroom with 6 of her girlfriends. (As would I). That she offered to have Kevin come in and join them, but he refused. (Stop the train!)

Okay, that story is completely ridiculous. You all know what the most common male fantasy is. A 2-girl threesome. And, I'm pretty sure that if your millionaire pop star wife started bringing home some female strange (probably gorgeous) for you to share, you'd be down with that. I'm pretty sure. Let me stop and imagine it for a minute............Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

What's up with this story?
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