Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Unexpected Sex Life

When I started this blog some 350 posts ago, I noted this:

"Whatever life's circumstances, being semi-celibate does not mean semi-sexual."

Still true. Although semi-celibate (with the "semi" being optimistic), I am a sexual man. Desireous of a sex life.

I've commented before about the stresses and traumas of life that have strangled intimacy at home. While those traumas are still there, and then some, I won't be commenting on them any more here. Keepin' it sexy from here on.

How honest can I be here about my sex life and sexuality? Who would I thrill or disappoint on this semi-anonymous blog?

To be honest, to have any sex life at all in the last few years I've had to find those opportunities on my own, online. One-night stands, mostly through Craig's List. Some with women - who I love. Delightful. Some with men, learning that I am comfortably bisexual. Yes. How is that for honest.

And now, with a couple. A beautiful sexy young couple, who shared me as their third. MFM, in the parlance of the web. Wow.

How did it happen? Well, I threw a hail Mary pass on CL.

I posted an ad in the M4MW section (man for a man & woman) asking to fulfill a fantasy to be in a threesome before I hit a milestone birthday. Help me fulfill birthday wish, X-rated style. Plug me in between you. I would be yours to play with. Receptive to him. Dominant, more or less, with her.

I threw it out there.....and heard.....nothing. Nada. Zip.

Oh well. I tried. It would have been nice. Damn.

And then, a month later, out-of-the-blue, an email. From Her. "Are you still interested?" YES YES YES.

A few emails later with shared pics and we made it happen. A meeting in public over a beer. A couple of hours of red-hot threesome sex on a hotel king-sized bed that totally fulfilled my fantasy. Two willing men double-stuffing a sexy and multi-orgasmic young lady. More please.

Wouldn't you have liked to be a fly on the wall to see that? Or, to join in...

Now I have an X-rated movie playing in my head. Flashbacks. Stills. Hot moments.

Should I tell the story of Him and Her and Me? :)
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