Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Team Jon, Part 2

This train wreck called Jon & Kate Plus 8 is screwing with my mind. I'm relating their collapsing marriage to my own disfunctional situation too much.

I was talking to Mrs. SCM on the phone this week. I was describing a situation that was causing me stress. Her immediate reflexive comment was that it was basically my fault. The thought that went through my head was:

"Yeah. Thanks, Kate, for pointint that out."

I watched a little bit of the show this week. I could only take ten minutes of Kate sniping at Jon because he wasn't preparing the food the right way for her. Belittling him to their guest. "Well, Jon's not really capable of...". I got up and walked out.

Ladies, you should make this a teachable moment. Give some thought to how you talk to your guy. Do you, as Kate does, communicate to him relentlessly that he doesn't do it right or meet your expectations?

If you do, then - how should I put this delicately - WAKE THE FUCK UP!
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