Monday, February 02, 2009

Pacing the Cage, with Strip Club Flashbacks

"The days drift by, they don't have names...." Jimmy Buffett

"What would you do if you were stuck in a place, and every day was the same, and nothing that you did mattered?" Phil (Bill Murray) - "Groundhog Day"

Question: Is 48 years old too young to be just waiting to die? Yeah, I thought so.

While I'm waiting, I'm watching a lot of junk TV. These days that mostly means VH-1, and the junkiest is Brett Michael's "Rock of Love Bus". Bus loads of skanky girls on tour!

Brett's bus seems to have a propensity toward pulling into strip clubs after his shows. And, for two episodes in a row, they seem to be strip clubs that I have been to.

First was the world famous "Big Al's" in Peoria, IL. Yep, been there. It's a nice club, high end, with some gorgeous dancers. I wrote about one evening there on my original blog "DanceFan: on Strippers and LIfe". Go read about it here.

This week it looks like he's stopping at the Hustler club in St. Louis. (Actually across the river in Illinois). I had a wild night there,in the company of a famous porn starlett feature dancer (Jenna Haze) and another drop in rock star that night. Go read about that night here. It's a good read. Ask me in the comments, and I'll tell you who the rock star was.

Next post, I'll tell you a good story about my last time in a strip club.

Now, back to pacing the cage...
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