Monday, December 29, 2008

Surfing the Sexual Smorgasbord on Craigs List

Something I like to do when I’m lonely or blue or fruitlessly horny is to surf, especially the “casual encounters” section.

I’m not talking about using CL to try to actually hook up with another living person or persons for NSA (no strings attached) sex. That’s mostly an exercise in frustration and disappointment. Not that I would know…

I’m talking about surfing CL for amusement and titillation. Sort of a sexual amusement park or a university level sex education. Surf it to watch other people trying to hook up. It’s amateur porn at it’s best. There are some hot pictures of real people on there if you work for it, just a right-click from being in your hidden porn folder. Plus the erotica of people pitching a sexual encounter in just a few lines.

I have two tips for you to enhance your CL surfing experience:

1. Go traveling. Don’t just focus on where you live, although that’s a good starting place. Go bigger. Go exotic. Go to the “cities” column and start picking out big cities that might have hot people in them trying to hook up. Places known for hot bodies and/or sin. Las Vegas of course – I check it weekly. Miami, LA, Orange County next – all featuring a high percentage of the beautiful people. Work your way through Chicago and New York. It’s cheaper than airfare.

2. Open all of the casual encounters categories one by one and explore. Here are some for starters:

a. M4W (men for women): the heart of NSA sex. Lonely men desperate for the hook up. Trying to sell themselves, usually with dick pix and/or promises of great oral ability.

b. W4M (women for men): a sea of enticing but mythical ads. There are no real women looking for NSA sex on CL. Just traps for lonely men, taking them to pay sites.

c. M4M (men for men): Wow. NSA at it’s purest – hookups on the downlow. Tops looking for someone to take their load. Bottoms looking to take them. This section is very real, and has a language all it’s own. Lots of dick pics.

d. W4W (women for women): my favorite surfing zone. Lesbian, bi, and bi-curious women seeking each other. (Pausing while I am imagining them kissing. Yeah. Okay, I’m back). Some fakes here, but they seem mostly real. Femmes and Studs. Two types: women really wanting to lick kitty or have their kitty licked (NO COUPLES, NO MEN!!!), and women that have a man that will join or watch. A few sexy girl pics to be found in the mix.

e. MW4MW (couples for couples): the lifestyle. Swapping, either soft or full. Hot couple pics found here, either clothed or in the act. Penetration pics.

f. MW4W (couples for women): Couples looking for the unicorn – the single sexy female that will swing with them. Either for the wife alone of hubby will join in. If you’re a female willing to be with a couple, the world is your oyster here. You could have a date every night, it seems. Couple pics here, but usually individual of the male and the female. Selling her bi-ness and his package.

g. MW4M (couples for men): This is a mixed bag. Couples wanting an extra straight guy to double team her. Wanting a bi-guy to have contact with him, though more rare. Cuckold men looking for a “bull” for their hot wife. Domme females looking for an extra sub. Not as many pics in this section.

h. W4MW (women for couples): mythical unicorns. Enough said.

i. M4MW (men for couples): men in their 40’s trying to find the NSA sex via a couple, having given up on finding a unattached lady.

j. Exotic categories: I particularly like to look at the m4ww category – hey might as well throw the hail mary pass. If you really want to get out there, try the t4m (tranny for men) category. See if you can find a good picture of a “passable” transvestite or cross-dresser looking to hook up with a guy.

Did I leave anything out?

It’s a veritable sexual smorgasbord on Craigs List. An eye-opener, I think. An education, no doubt. Happy surfing.
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