Saturday, November 29, 2008

Aphrodesiac Cinema

Old me would have caught the signs, but not acted on it. New me had other ideas.

"How was your movie?", I asked as she walked in the house. "Oh, really good", she said - and I caught the purr in her voice.

See, here's the thing: this is a recognizable repeating pattern. I send Mrs. SCM out for a gettaway evening. She goes to the local multi-screen and sees a romantic comedy. She comes home frisky.

The tricky part is what happens next. What usually happens is that I pick up on the frisky vibe but find a way to ignore it or divert. Anything but act on it. Not because I don't find her sexy or attractive - because I certainly do. But there are so many other dynamics involved that kill a desire for intimacy.

But, and here is the critical but, I'm trying to change that.

I heard the purr in her voice. I acted. First, I made sure that the kids were put away for night. Then I slipped into the bedroom after her.

"Would you like some company?", I said with a devious smile. The surprise look on her face was replaced with a smile. "Sure, let me get ready."

And it was on.

Passionate and aggressive. I was taking charge. Taking things in hand. Probing and taking with my mouth and my fingers. Taking her.

I moved in between her legs faster than usual. Kneeling there, slathering on lube as I made my raging hard-on evident to her.

"Wow, is that thing bigger than usual?". What guy does not want to hear that! No, but thank you Cialis.

Penetration. Teasing as I do - with just the engorged head stretching out her opening where all of the nerve endings are - but just for a moment. Then, penetration, deep and strong. Pounding. My mouth gripping her at the base of her throat as I drive into her.

"You really feel good in me", she gasps. Breath coming hard for her. My whole frame pressing her into the mattress. She takes me in. Compliant. Arms wrapped around me holding on as I press deeply into her, determined to stretch her.

Flip over, I command with my hands. No words necessary. Doggy-style with conviction. Gripping her ass in my hand, determined to bruise her with my fingertips. To leave a mark. Feeling her press wantingly back onto my hard cock. Come to me, baby. Come for me.

"Make it feel good for you", she whispers back to me. Oh, it does. How could it not?

But, here's the thing, here's what I know: I am not going to get off. The con of the ED meds. A reliable rock hard erection, but way too long to come. And I don't really care. It's all in the journey.

So, I switch us to afterplay. Our way. Her vibrator on her clit. My finger(s) probing her pussy as only I can. She is oblivious. Lost in multiple orgasms. Only barely coming back to awareness at one point:

"Is that a just a finger?", she asks, puzzled.

Oh, no. Not just a finger. A highly skilled tantric finger. Knowledgeable in the folds and nerve endings of her delectable anatomy. An orgasmic finger.

With her sated, we retired for the night.

That's my goal for now. To hear the purr in her voice. To act when I hear it.
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