Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coming Back

I was laying on my side on the X-Ray table this week. Trying not to fall off. Trying to keep the gown that closes in the back closed in the back - and trying to remember what color underwear I put on that morning.

She was very pleasant and efficient, techy girl, as she positioned me on the table. Her hand firmly moved along my body, probing for landmark features to align the beam. Ribs, muscles, hipbone.

And it was that moment, when her hand lingered with her fingers pressed firmly and confidently into the hollow of my hipbone, that froze in time for an eternity and I realized that this was the most intimate female touch that I had experienced in months.

How sad is that?

Sad, but true. Such is the state of my continued semi-celibacy.

So, I am coming back to write Semi-Celibate Erotica once again. Why? Well, for the most basic reason of all for us bloggers - I need a forum to express my inner life again. To speak out loud what's rattling around in my head. To work things out, to observe, to opine, to make myself - and maybe you - laugh now and then.

To recap: when I said goodbye a year ago it was to focus all of my attention and efforts on my family. Two reasons. Major and overwhelming and unexplainable kid stress for one. And my life on the road in planes and trains and hotel rooms every night which kept me from dealing with our issues.

My kids needed me home to teach them and set boundaries and be there. My wife needed me home to carry my weight in the war zone.

I've done that. I've made major changes in my life to do that. I'm home. I'm engaged in life. I'm doing my part.

But, sadly, I am still semi-celibate. Still isolated from my wife. There is a serious lack of intimacy in the war zone and it's not what I want for my life or hers.

I haven't given up. I want to work through that.

And I will. Here on these pages, again.

I'm back. Let's talk about the semi-celibate life.
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