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Final HNT: A Retrospective End to this Blog

Hi. If you're just finding this blog, this was the last of 300+ posts in 18 months or so, speaking to the topic of semi-celibacy - whatever that means to you. This is about what it meant to me. Read this post, and perhaps the first post, and any or all in between. Enjoy.

Yes, as I announced in my last post on Monday, I am choosing to end the run of this blog that has meant a lot to me over the last 18 months or so. I'm still reeling from the impact of the first sentence of that post, you have no idea how much, but the right course of action is still clear to me. I need to set aside this blog and devote everything to my family.

I won't be an "internet vandal" and delete the blog, leaving many of you with a broken link. I plan to leave it up as is. I wrote 310 posts in 18 months, so feel free to scroll back down through them. (I set my settings so you can scroll down all the way to the beginning.) I think there are some gems there, but that's just me being vain.

Let me go out on a positive note, with some observations and thanks.

I hope that I added something to this fascinating conversation and community that is the blogosphere. I wrote what I felt, mostly unedited. I expressed myself honestly. I tried to offer some insight into the Semi-Celibate life, some humor, some honest lust.

Unexpectedly to me, I offered quite a bit of exhibitionist photograpy. Who knew that was in me? I didn't. Most fun for me was "January's 31 days of My Dick"! Wow, did I get carried away there or what? Unfortunately, many of those "click-thru" pictures have been found and deleted by my photo hosting site as "unsuitable". Sorry for the broken links. I hope you right-clicked and saved them before they disappeared. :) If not, email me and I can send you a few of them.

You not only saw a lot of me, you learned a lot about me. About my semi-celibate life. About my BOB-of-the-Month club. About my struggles to square my faith life with the flawed side of me. About my porn habits. 6 weird things about me. Etc. You guys know more about me than anyone in my real life knows. And, it's been a privilege to be a blogger.

I got more than I gave, I know that. You fellow bloggers are wonderfully talented people. I am grateful for the blogging technology that gives all of us a chance to live a bigger life than we would otherwise. Thank you Blogger!, and all of the other platforms that you write on. My friends, you have talents that are mostly unknown and unappreciated by your friends and family in your real life. They have no idea who you really are and the amazing things you are capable of. I know you. I appreciate you! All of you out there.

I want to say a special thanks to all of you who I became friends with, in a very real sense, because of this blog. Those of you who comment regularly and email me. I know I will leave some of you out unintentionally in a list, but I want to try.

I appreciate you (in no particular order!) - Kim, Chelle, Bunny, Al Sensu, Lee Ann, Phain, Lime, Jean, Stealth, Tara Tainton, Piper, Shay, Desireous, ZigZag Man, Polt, Kitty, Mom the Minx, Lapis Ruber, Zoot, BadBadGirl, BadInfluenceGirl, The Girl With Secrets, Lushly Me, Sarengetty, Sarah, Always Curious, Sophry, Oksana, Susie, SeaRabbit, Blither, Hot4U,AG, M_o_o_nspells, Ryann Rain, MG, Moosekahl, Vixen, Drama, Anastasia, JeN, Janeway, Always Curious, and my first commenter - Pharoah's Girl.

If I left you out - I'm sorry! - or if you have been a lurker, say hi in the comments. Please? I'd love to have 100 comments on this last post. I don't think I ever got more than 35.

Finally, I want to say something about the title of this blog: Semi-Celibate Erotica. It wasn't just a cute name that I thought up. Is it just me, or did this idea of being married yet frustrated by the "chasm that is your marriage" - as one astute commenter put it - resonate with a lot of you. I almost felt like this could be a team blog. That a lot of you could write excellent posts on the topic of the pain of losing that level of intimacy with the one person you should have it with. If so, I wish it wasn't true. I wish you all happiness with your mate, and great sex to go with it. I hope to find that again, myself.

Peace out, to all of you terrific people - bloggers and lurkers alike.

Finally, I'll leave you with a retrospective of my favorites of my HNT pictures.


HNT #24: Hands

HNT #35: Jeans

Red Boxers

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday to you. Go. Blog. Be Happy. I wish you all well.
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