Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Every now and then and I get a comment or an email from you readers, my friends, after I've posted an erotic photo or told an erotic story that says something along the lines of "your wife is very lucky".

I appreciate that compliment. More than you know. Thank you for saying it, and please keep doing so as you inclined.

But it also makes me wince. And feel very sad. Because I know the truth.

The truth is that I'm a flawed man. Maybe the majority of us bloggers are that - flawed. Maybe it's just me. But, I know that I'm flawed. I know what my many failings are.

The truth is also that if my wife wrote a blog, and maybe she does and I just don't know it yet, her blog would not be much different from many that I read in that I would make frequent appearances as "that asshole spouse of mine". (I could even write those posts for her.) She knows my failings ad nauseum. She reminds me of them, in her way, often. Daily in fact. She's not impressed. I have no illusions after three decades as to how she sees me, or of how I've failed her and my children.

I wish that I could do better than that with my life. I do.

I can escape that here in the blogosphere. But, I can't escape me. I'm flawed and that's all there is to that.

I need to get seriously drunk tonight. On a Tuesday. Does anyone mind if I don't show up for work tomorrow?
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