Monday, August 06, 2007


I was caught by a phrase used by Bad Bad Girl in her hot post "Overpower":

"She was lost in the center of the fuck....."

I was thinking about that thought. It resonated with me.

Incoherence - as I've seen it. Not submission, per se. Incoherence. That moment in the sexual act where the details go sketchy and only the intensity of feelings register.

I haven't experienced that incoherent state for more than mere seconds - if ever - myself, as a straight man usually in "control" . But, and here's the interesting but, I have caused it.

I can take you there. To those moments when speech leaves you.

I can take you there softly. Laying beside you, my body pressed into you. One hand cradling behind your neck as I nibble on your lips at my leisure. My other hand playing between your thighs. The soft pad on the tip of my finger teasing your sensitive clit. The flat of a finger rubbing up and down the length of your wet slit. One finger penetrating, just inside your opening. Teasing softly in and out. Covering your mouth completely with mine as you cum and scream into me.

I can take you there roughly. My slut in that one particular moment. Hearing my voice and the guidance of my hands as I strip you and bend you over on the bed. On you quickly. Kissing the back of your neck as my thick fingers penetrate you from behind to bring out your wetness. Standing behind you to slam straight into you in one strong stoke. Penetrated. Pinned down into the bed under me. Fucking you hard enough to keep you off balance. Uncertain. Taken. Pushing you down with my hand in your back as I stroke rapidly into your pussy. Grasping your pony tail and pushing your head down into the covers. Straining into you with every ounce of my will, driven by the sounds of your moans. My finger taking your ass as I stroke, feeling my cock through the separating membrane. Hot. Plunging into your ass until you cry out from the intensity of it all.

I can take you there.

And I've seen you there. In those sweet moments of incoherence. Seen a you that you have not seen. Lost. Angelic. At peace.

Incoherent. In the best way.
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