Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Vegas Girls are Back

Real World Las Vegas Girls
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I'm screwed.

Just when I had weaned myself off of reality TV (Bachelor, Survivor, Flavor of Love, Celebrity Fit Club!) to do something productive in my real life - I get sucked back in.

Why? Because the best of reality TV is back. That would be the "Real World" on MTV. Specifically, the Las Vegas cast - which was far and away the best season principally because they had 4 women, not 3 as some seasons had, and they're all hot. (and some guys too, whatever) Arissa, Trishelle, Irulan, and Brynn featured in the pic.

Oh, yeah. I spent lots of evenings fantasizing about them when the show was on. Trishelle - smoking hot and feisty. Irulan - sultry sexy girl who gives me a flashback to a wild night of my own. Arissa - high strung, but exotic. Brynn - rave girl and go-go dancer.

Reunited, for another run. I'm totally there MTV. Yeow.
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