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Collar Fantasy, in Two Parts

I don't usually write erotic fantasy. Every story I've told here is pretty much true.

However, and this is a big however, a picture changed that. I saw a photo of a lovely young lady, wearing a collar.

A fantasy ensued. I wrote it down. Here it is, in two parts:

Part 1
I arrive in town, fully anticipating the activities of my two day trip. Business, of course. But two evenings with you, more.

Catching up over dinner at my hotel is nice. A couple of drinks to take the edge off. As you lean over the table to give me a sweet kiss you see steely desire in my eyes.

“Roslyn, my dear. Did you bring it.”


“Let me see it. Put it on the table”. Carefully, you pull the red leather collar that I have mailed to you from your purse and set it on the linen cloth.

“Very good. I’m pleased. Follow me.” Picking up the collar, I turn and head for the elevator.

“Roslyn, do you trust me?” I ask as the doors close.

Your tentative “Yes” earns you the collar, which I buckle around your pretty neck.

I’m all pent up passion and energy and stamina as we fuck vigorously, my focus entirely on you. Free, as the collar indicates, to use your body for my pleasure.

Filling your mouth with my cock. Slowly at first, resting the head on your outstretched tongue as you kneel below me. Building. Fucking your face with intensity until I come, for the first time from oral pleasure.

Moving you onto the bed. Positioning you as I will. Exploring you at will. Your body mine. Your openings mine. Control of your pleasure mine.

You are free, as the collar allows, to sluttishly enjoy where I take you. Filling your pussy with my searching plunging hands as I wring an orgasm from you.

“Cum for me, Roslyn, my delicious whore.”

I want you. More now. Urgently. Flipping you over and taking you from behind. Sinking my throbbing dick in your wet pussy before you’ve even come down from your orgasm. Spanking you lightly, marking you just enough to bring a red glow to your delicious ass.
Stroking hard. Urgently. Pushing you into the mattress with every stroke. Reaching under you to squeeze your tits. Fucking into you until your breath is pushed from you.Kissing the back of your neck along the line of the collar as I fuck deeply into you.

Fucking. Vigorously. Using your willing body, until we are both spent.

I unbuckle the collar from you at the door of my room and put it in my pocket as I walk you down to the car. Passionately, tenderly now that I’m spent, we make out at your car. “Bring this back tomorrow night”, I say as I return the collar to you. “You’ll need it”

You find me again on night two. Same restaurant at my hotel. Same table.

Not alone however.

A young man, late 20’s professional, is having a drink with me.

“Roslyn, this is Jay. Jay, this is Roslyn. Roslyn, do you trust me?”………

Part 2:

You have a mixture of puzzlement and excitement on your face as you look at the two of us seated in the restaurant.

Me, your lover, who has just asked a surprising question. Jay, a stranger in an army uniform, who is looking at you appreciatively.

“Roslyn, Jay will be joining us for the evening. He’s passing through the hotel tonight on his way to deployment, and I’ve offered to share. To share you. To share your, let’s say, special skills. I’ll ask again, do you trust me?”

Instinctively, you knew that you do. Eyes lowered to the table, you nod your assent.

“Did you bring it with you?”, I ask

For the second night, you reach into your purse and pull out the red leather collar and set it on the table.

“Jay”, I say turning to him. “Roslyn here and I have an arrangement. The collar that you see here is mine. It signifies the nature of our special relationship. It enhances our play. And, more importantly, it frees her to offer herself to me totally and wantonly – as she deeply desires – for my pleasure. And tonight, Jay, I will share her and that pleasure with you. Let’s go.”

As Jay holds your hair aside in the elevator, I stand behind you and fasten the collar around your lovely neck.

“She has lovely tits, don’t you think Jay? Roslyn, would you be so kind as to show him”. You pull up your blouse to free them as the elevator slowly ascends to my floor. I pull your arms lightly behind you and hold them as Jay fondles your breasts, his lust apparent and building.

Jay takes a seat on the couch as we enter the suite, unsure of how to proceed. I take my time re-acquainting myself with your body. Running my hands over your delicious body. Freeing you from your clothes as I do so, until you stand naked in front of us two clothed men.

“Soldier, we have a mission”, I say as I put my hands on your shoulders and guide you to a kneeling position before me. “This beautiful young lady before me has desires. She desires cock. She is quite a little slut that way. Our mission, our pleasureable mission, is to see that she is filled with cock tonight. Her mouth and pussy are ours to fill. Her ass as well, but it’s for me alone. Are you up for it?”

Uh-rah comes the reply.

“Let me show you how we do this.”

You free me from my trousers and take my engorged cock into your soft wet mouth. Sucking me in, intoxicated by my taste. I feel your tits pushing into my trouser legs as you push into me. Sucking greedily. Aware of the watchful eyes, but not looking at him. It doesn’t take long – you are so talented – and I empty myself into your waiting mouth.

“Very nice.” I say as I remove my slacks the rest of the way. “Now, be a dear and give this fine young soldier a dance. As I turn on some music on the clock radio, you move quickly over to the couch and settle in to straddle Jay’s lap. Kissing him. Pushing your ample breasts into his face. Grinding against the growing bulge in his dress uniform.

“Roslyn, my dear. Tell our soldier what you want.”

“I want your cock. In my mouth. May I?”

You pull off his pants and move in between his knees. Devouring him where he sits. Making loud sloppy noises as you take him all the way down your throat. Not looking up at him, but feeling his hands holding the back of your head.

I move in behind you silently and swat your upturned ass with my bare hand. “Hmmph!” you moan around his cock. “Do you like his cock in your mouth, my whore?”, I ask with my hand poised. Silently you nod as you suck him in deeper. “Make it last for him”. I redden your ass with my hand and with various objects on my dresser as you suck on him, each stroke eliciting a gasp around his shaft. As a healthy red glow blushes your delicious ass cheeks, I change my tactics.

Reaching between your legs I test the wetness of your cunt. Drenched, I find it. I alternate between running my fingers over your clit, and plunging them into your wet hole. Stopping only briefly to lube the pucker of your asshole with the wetness from your pussy, I insert a medium butt plug – which your ass readily accepts in preparation for my later use. You cum as you push back against the plug and my fingers in your pussy, with Jay pounding into your mouth. Jay explodes too – filling your mouth with his tangy spunk.

“You know what to do”, I say. “Clean him”. As you stay in position and lick his wet wilting organ, I position myself behind you. Fucking you firmly doggy style, driving your head into Jay’s lap with each stroke. I enjoy stroking into you, my fingers clamping your reddened ass – adding a slap now and then – seeing the plug firmly planted. Jay’s a young man, and your lapping tongue has brought his cock back to attention.

“Switch with me, Jay. Let’s keep her filled with cock, buddy. Fuck her.”

I move around to the couch, where you can take me back into your mouth. Except now, tasting yourself on me. You’re breathing ragged now, filled at both ends. Pounded by Jay’s young lust. Impaled on him.

We fuck you, the soldier and I, for the better part of two hours. Different positions to be sure, but filled with two cocks in each.

Until we reach slut-on-top. Jay under you, driving up into you. I withdraw from your swollen mouth and move around behind you on the bed. Removing the butt plug in one motion, I slip into your ass. I match your motion on Jay, and begin this final double-penetration. Your pussy. Your ass. Filled and pounding. I gather your hair in my hands and pull it firmly back toward me as I drive into you. Holding you in position as the fullness drives you over the edge. Muttering and squealing in orgasm.

Jay fills you with cum with one last push, raising us all up off the bed. He rolls out from under you and moves back to the couch to witness the finish.

He’s spent. You realize, though, that I’m not done. I’m driven, by the ultimate pleasure of your tightness gripping me. I’m pounding into you now. Driving my cock into your ass as you steady yourself on all fours. Fingers gripping the sheets. Head down, breathing, focusing – aware again that you are being watched by a stranger who’s cum still leaks from you.

I find bliss as I explode deep inside you. Taking my final pleasure of the week from you. Collapsing, with the weight of my body resting on your back.

You’ve pleased me greatly, my wonderful Roslyn. Still my slut, until – kissing the back of your neck – I free you from your collar.

Jay expresses his thanks as he dresses and leaves. “You earned it, soldier. Godspeed.”

I walk you to your car and hand you back the now-worn red leather collar.

“Keep this, dear. I’ll be back.”
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