Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey There, Big Boy

My wife has been talking to me about sex. Or, more accurately, we're talking to each other about having sex. That's a positive recent development. Just thought I'd mention it.

I would say that backing off the internet time via this semi-hiatus, and actually paying attention to my wife, is starting to have an effect. On both of us.

Last weekend we were having some rare family time and doing some outdoor sporting activities. My wife looked around the kids at me and said "Save some of that energy for later." With a wink and a smile. That's huge. Re-connecting.

Of course, I've been on the road all week and have not been able to benefit from the renewed mutual lust.

But the holiday weekend looks very promising indeed.

I've been trying to check in on your blogs. How are you all doing out there?

Have a great and safe holiday weekend.
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