Thursday, June 21, 2007

Videos: the Best and the Amateur

Yes, I watch a lot of porn videos on the road. DVDs, as you know. I've seen some good ones, some hot ones, and some really pathetic ones.

Now, I think I've seen the best - "The Fashionistas", from the Evil Empire.

I've known about it since it came on the market a while back, but the $65 price tag for the 2 DVD set was a barrier. I gave in last week and bought it. Wow! It's got it all. High quality production values. Hot fetish costumes. Ultra hot BDSM sex scenes. Incredibly erotic.

Especially a scene where well-known porn actress Belladonna does an erotic strip-dance on a hardwood floor while she's watching a large-screen video of her tied into a frame and spanked. Followed by her lover, Taylor St. Claire coming in and finding her and then dominating her. Two sexy girls in a hot scene. I had a massive rock hard boner just watching it. (too bad no one else was around and I had to take care of it myself!).

Speaking of taking care of myself:

I found a place to post my attempt at a video. It's 16 minutes long. Me, alone in a hotel room, waking up and whacking off. Start to finish, with music. It's called "Eventually Hard" because I was very tired on the road and it took a while to wake up and tune in. We'll see if it lasts online, or gets deleted. If you might enjoy watching that kind of thing, enjoy! NSFW - not an HNT!

Make sure you watch it with the sound up!

Let me know what you think of my amatuer video. And if you get the chance, see "the Fashionistas".

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