Friday, July 06, 2007

A Heart Stopper

Uh-oh. Make that a heart-stopping uh-oh.

My laptop, to make a long story short, completely froze up on me mid-week. Tango Uniform. Seemingly unrecoverable - and I'm pretty good at that sort of computer innards stuff. I was staring at the end of my laptop. A black screen of death, with a spiraling safe-mode loop that seemed final.


Do you know how much business stuff I keep on there, even though it's my personal computer? Plus, a myriad of prized personal travel pictures?

Can you guess how little of it I have backed up? Uh-oh. Major panic.

I was at the point of having to take it in to professionals for help in recovering my operating system.

Uh-oh. Do you have any concept of how much porn I have on this computer - all legal of course? No, you don't. You do have a guess at how much homemade porn I have, given the nekkid pics of me that I've linked to. Although you haven't seen the extensive collection of raw photo sets that produced the few good shots that I've posted. Uh-oh. What would a technician think upon finding those?

Fortunately, I found two recovery CDs in the original materials that came with my laptop. The first one did nothing. The second one pulled off a miracle, and fully restored me.

One hour later, I had everything dumped onto a 160 Gb external drive.

Whew! Dodged a bullet there! :)
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