Friday, July 27, 2007

Severe Eye Strain

I don't have much to add this week, except these 3 thoughts:

1. Do you have any idea how many butts I've admired in airports lately. I must say, I find the dockers that the flight attendants wear to be very flattering. Yes, I'll listen to the safety announcements.

2. Hooters has to be the best remote office I've worked out of lately. Thank the tech wizards of the world for wireless internet. Those girls work very hard, as did my roving eyeballs. It was an amazing variety of butts, all awesome.

3. It's really no fair that there is a strip club a block from the rental car dropoff when you have a few hours to kill before a flight. It's way too much temptation. But I did meet a very pleasant - and drop dead gorgeous young lady named "Chanel". Lovely onstage. Exquisite in the VIP. My eyeballs were not the only thing that ached.

It's going to be a long plane ride home, is all I'm saying.
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