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7 Semi-Serious Things About SCM

Independance Day
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Bunny called it right when she said it would be a while before I got around to making a list that she tagged me with - "7 random things" about me. I didn't forget, just have stayed busy on my semi-hiatus.

Since I've already done a "6 weird things" list, weird and random being almost the same thing, and since I'm in a serious mood lately - I'm going to take license to twist it a little bit and list, at random:

7 Semi-Serious things about the Semi-Celibate Man:

1. I love photography. You have no idea how much I do. It is my chief outlet and passion. I see the world photographically. I "see" pictures everywhere in daily life, and am captivated by the thrill of taking an interesting well composed picture. Alas, as Harry Chapin's Mr. Tanner wistfully observed, photography "is my life, it is not my livelihood". In other words, it would be nice to get paid for it. But that's not why I do it. Enjoy this little pic that I took on a wonderful evening with my family watching the local fireworks display on the 4th of July.

Okay, many of you already knew that about me, so here is a bonus:

1a. I love both religion and science. I'm relatively well read on both, for a layman. I can hold my own in a debate on either topic. Bottom line: I appreciate both faith and reason and don't hold it necessary for them to conflict.

2. I have a better life than I ever thought I would as a child. Really. I came from such deep poverty that I literally had no expectations of any level of a fulfilling life. So many of the simple normal things that are part of most people's llives (having a family, owning a home, traveling) are way beyond what I thought I would have. As a result, I almost always feel blessed and almost never feel worried, or fretful, or depressed. (Okay, the kid's behavior gets to me but that's not what I mean.)

3. I have no friends. Literally. I have family. I have coworkers. I have acquaintances at church. I do not have one single male friend that I ever call up and go out to play golf with or hang out with. I live an internal life, and it translates as a friendless life. And I'm generally okay with that.

4. I will let you down. Said differently, for some reason unknown to me I seem to inspire a level of confidence in people that is more than is warranted. That confidence results in expectations. Expectations that I can't live up to in the long run. And eventually, inevitably, I will let you down. I try. I do the best that I can. But, I'm just me. I'm a flawed person. I fuck up now and then. I know that, and I don't spend much time worrying about that or apologizing for it. If you're disappointed in me, the only thing I know to do is to lower your expectations.

5. I'm an exceptionally good lover. I can't prove that. And I haven't had enough partners in my life to have demonstrated it beyond a doubt. But, I'm confident that I am a good lover. I'm aware. I'm studied. I'm focused on your pleasure. I've had enough orgasms in my life that I'm not in a rush to get there.

We won't even get into the incongruity of being good at sex and being semi-celibate! Moving on....

Of course, I could be wrong about this. Maybe I'm just well tuned to one partner, but not necessarily as good as I think I would be with someone else. I guess I would need someone else to test this with.....Hmmm.....

6. I'm am the epitome of the "out-of-the-box" guy. Way out of the box. It just seems to me (and is often pointed out to me!) that I don't think like everyone else around me. Sometimes that's helpful, in the creative things that I enjoy or in generating ideas at work. More often it's trouble. Out-of-the-box also means being completely out-of-sync with everyone else! It's lonely out of the box. (See #3)

7. I take a lot of risks. I don't think they are risks, obviously or I wouldn't take them. But outside observers would probably judge them as risks. Okay, having an anonymous sex blog is one good risky example. But I mean more than that. I've been in a lot of situations in my life where I've had this particular thought: "If I died right now, no one would know where I was or even find me." That's risk.

That's my list. You now know 7 more things about SCM than you did yesterday. Thanks for tagging me, Bunny.

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