Thursday, August 02, 2007

HNT: On the White Duvet

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Hi everyone. Yes, I'm still on semi-hiatus. But I thought I'd throw in an HNT so that I don't forget how. And yes, I'm in another hotel room.

While I'm here, let me muse a bit - about things that I miss:

Kissing. Have I mentioned before that I love to kiss? Not to be kissed, but to kiss. Lingering kisses on soft warm lips. For hours, until my lips throb and ache.

Passion. I miss passion. I need passion. I crave passion in my life.

Intimacy. To hold, and to be held. Who doesn't need that.

Sex. Two kinds: slow semi-tantric sex and vigorous incoherent sex. Sex that takes so long that you have to pause for meals.

Giving. Giving of of yourself to each other.

Playing. Yes, indeed, there is a kinky playful side of me. A side that can explore and that can laugh in the play.

Those are the thoughts that occupy my mind as I lay here tonight, drifting off, hopefully, to sleep.

Back at it tomorrow. Another day on the road.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, everyone.
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