Monday, November 17, 2008

"So, do you want to fool around a little?"

She started it.

And by she, I mean a very pretty and sexy woman. That would be my wife.

And by it, I mean two hours of passionate and orgasmic reconnecting sex.

And by orgasmic, I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of six toe-curling orgasms for her. None for me, but that's alright. I'm always focused on her pleasure the first time we reconnect after it's been a while.

And by focusing on her, I mean lingering. Lingering as I tenderly kiss her soft lips. Lingering as I rain kisses down her shapely neck. Lingering as I firmly trace the pad of my fingertip across her engorged clit and then inside to her G-spot. Lingering as I spoon against her side and stroke my hard cock into her while she holds her favorite vibe in just the right place for ever so long. Lingering.

And by the first time, I mean last night. Tonight is a different story. The throbbing inside my slacks as I write this tell me that we're in for a more aggressive night. My turn.

So. Do I want to fool around? No, I SERIOUSLY want to take her.
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